Five Reasons Why You Should Get A Home Security Plan

Posted On Monday, 14 September 2020 21:27

As a homeowner, the security of your home is always one of your top concerns. Therefore, it’s only sensible that you invest in a home security plan. The initial investment can be costly, but not having a home security plan can have far worse consequences.

If you’re new to the idea of securing your home, you may assume it’s all about scaring off intruders. However, modern-day home security systems serve many purposes and have many more functions. Nowadays, they enable you to monitor your property even remotely and dispatch the relevant authorities in case of an emergency.  

Below, we share five critical reasons every homeowner must consider investing in a home security plan.  

1. To Protect Your Property And Valuables  

Everyone has things they value at home. Naturally, you want to protect your valued possessions from theft or destruction. Imagine losing an item passed down many generations in your family. It’s irreplaceable. When a home break-in occurs, the robbers only think of your possessions’ retail value—they couldn’t care less for its sentimental value to you. 

Home security plans enable you to protect your property and possessions. It often has alarms that will scare off intruders who attempt to break in. The alarm can also signal relevant authorities and increase the chances of arresting the robbers.

Also, home security plans offered by reliable service providers, such as those promoted by HomeBrands, come with modern monitoring cameras that capture what goes on inside your home. Visual recordings make it easier to identify culprits.   

2. It Offers Protection From Fire

When many people hear of home security plans, they only think of home intrusion and theft. However, these systems also protect your home from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Home fires are not uncommon. In some states, people report them every 20 seconds. Worse, though—they are fatal for the occupants in many cases. Many homeowners rely on smoke as a warning signal of fire and then contact the relevant authorities; and sometimes, they respond too late and lose everything. However, a home security plan provides an additional layer of protection: they come with smoke detectors, giving you more time to act if a fire occurs.

Home security plan providers not only provide hardware to warn you of potential dangers but also contact the police or firefighters if necessary. While you can buy smoke detectors from other sources, installing them without a home security system will not inform the authorities in case of a fire.

A small fire can turn into a full-blown blaze in just thirty seconds. This further emphasizes the need for early detection and preventative measures, especially if there are occupants at the time of an emergency. Time is a huge factor during a fire emergency.

Carbon monoxide is more dangerous as it doesn’t show obvious signs like smoke or flames. However, a home security system can monitor carbon monoxide levels and warn you if there’s a risk of being poisoned.

3. To Easily Monitor Your Property  

Another benefit of a home security plan is that it provides round-the-clock monitoring for your property. They enable you to see what’s happening, even when you’re away. Technology has made it possible to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to log in and access your home security system.

With such a system you can switch your home alarm on or off, monitor your cameras, monitor the motion sensors, turn the HVAC system on or off, and turn your lights on or off. Sometimes, you might have to pay additional fees for remote access. However, it’s worth it.

Also, some home security system providers offer home monitoring services when you’re away. They will look out for events worth noting and will inform the authorities if they become suspicious. For example, if the in-house system detects a potential fire, it can only sound the alarm. It will be up to the security plan provider to dispatch firefighters to your home.

4. To Save On Home Insurance Fees  

As a homeowner, you must have a home insurance policy. Factors such as location, type of home, and coverage determine your insurance premium.

Some homeowners see insurance as a waste of money. However, it’s important if you want to protect yourself from loss, damage, or destruction of your property, even during natural calamities.

When you have a home security plan, your insurer is likely to give you a discounted premium. Let’s face it: insurance companies don’t love risks. With a home security plan, you lower the risk of theft or destruction of property, giving the insurance company a better reason to cover you for a more affordable price.

Your lowered premium will depend on the insurance company and the home security system installed. In most cases, however, you’re likely to save up to 20% on insurance fees.

5. To Have Peace Of Mind  

 You wouldn’t want to concern yourself over your possessions every time you leave the house. Instead, you want assurance that your family and home are safe all the time. 

Peace of mind is especially important if you have elderly or persons with disabilities living with you. You don’t want any harm to come to them, as they’ll be helpless in a dangerous situation. In case of an emergency, your security plan provider can call relevant authorities to your family members’ rescue.

Also, if you’re in a career that requires you to stay away from home for extended periods—such as the military—a home security plan allows you to go about your work without stress.

Bottom Line  

In today’s world, homeowners need robust home security systems from trustworthy security plan providers to ward off potential intruders. While a home security system’s installation may be costly initially, it’s worth the investment as nothing can replace your sentimental items. Also, there shouldn’t be a price tag on your family’s safety.

A home security plan helps you protect your property and valuables from not only theft, but fires too. For peace of mind, you can even monitor your property and manage the security system when you’re away. Finally, you can save on your home insurance premium when you have a home security plan.

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