5 Tips for Homeowners for the Upcoming Storm Season

Posted On Thursday, 17 September 2020 21:54

With storm season quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare your home for unpredictable weather. While we’re only covering a few tips today, consider that what’s going on around you can affect both the interior and exterior of your home—research your home type against your area’s climate to identify the most valuable precautions you can take. For now, we’ll dive into five essential tips to protect or preserve your home against flooding, snow, wind, freezing and hail.


If flooding occurs, your first focus should be on safety. Before beginning the clean-up process, ensure that the space is free of potential electrical hazards or slippery and damaged surfaces. Once the coast is clear and the majority of excess water removed, prepare your home to dry safely by following these basic procedures:

• Remove and prop up upholstery and cushions.
• Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
• Remove colored rugs and items from wet carpeting.
• Refrain from using household appliances.
• Hang all fabrics (do not leave them in place).


It doesn’t feel like a Winter Wonderland when the snow is affecting your home! Before the blizzards arrive, perform a thorough inspection of your roof. Once the damage is assessed, fix any missing shingles or leaks to prevent future issues. Trimming or removing trees near your roof should also help you mitigate potential falling hazards. When the storms hit, you’ll want to refrain from using any chemicals to melt excess snowfall. Instead, install snow and gutter guards to your roof for maximum protection.


Have you ever had a strong gust of wind rearrange your outdoor furniture and leave them scattered down the street? Unless you want to send your trampoline to the neighbors, keep in mind that preparing for strong wind can help significantly minimize property damage. If you’re unable to purchase heavy furniture, secure your belongings with one of the following methods:

• Install a Windbreaker
• Use Weighted Bases
• Stack All Furniture (If Possible)
• Apply Earthquake-Proof Holding Gel
• Secure Furniture with Bungee Cords


Preparing against freezing cold temperatures all starts by monitoring where your water flows. For the outside water fixtures like hoses and sprinklers, disconnect devices and drain all fluid before the cold sets in. Ensure that faucets maintain a small, constant drip during freeze warnings and check the main pipes frequently for signs of blockage. If you’re still worried, try using electric heat tape or a portable space heater to ensure pipes that are close to the edge of your home stay heated.


Hailstorms are often underestimated but can do a significant amount of damage if the wind and climate are just right. To prevent damage on the exterior and interior, make sure your windows are wind and impact resistant. If you’re not sure of the safety specifications for a specific window style or brand, speak with a manufacturing representative to confirm these details. To wrap up your hail protection, consider creating canopies for all garden or frail outdoor areas that may not survive a heavy-impact storm. 

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