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Carpet Cleaning: Is it really necessary?

Posted On Sunday, 20 September 2020 21:31

A carpet is one of the most expensive pieces of textiles found in a house. A carpet is a material that is laid down over the floor or stairs of the inside of a house. It is used to not only insulate the inside of the house, but also as a decorative piece of furniture. 

Although carpets are harder to clean, rather than having the traditional wood flooring or vinyl floor, they are still the most popular and will be found in most modern houses. 

Carpets come like with any textiles in all different shapes, colors, sizes and, different types of material.

This makes cleaning of a carpet especially hard. As the carpet is the most worn piece of furniture in a property, it also gets worn out very quickly. 

If a carpet starts to get dirty, it can not only be an unpleasant sight, unhygienic, and end up costing a lot of money to replace. 

Three are different myths about cleaning a dirty carpet. One of the most famous methods would be to use salt over red wine. Using hot water and soap. However, this might damage the carpet more as it may affect the color of the carpet. 

Most carpets you cannot lift off and put in the wash that is classed more of a rug. Carpets are generally a permanent fixture to the floor unless they need replacing, then a professional carpet fitter would generally be employed to do such work. 

Professional Cleaning 

There are professional carpet cleaning companies that use industrial machinery and certain chemicals to remove as much of the dirt as possible.

Wooden floors, however, do need to be mopped once a week but are easier to keep clean due to the surface area being easy to scrub with a brush to get any dirt that is stuck. Then just go over with some hot water, washing up liquid, and a mop. 

Vinyl flooring is not as commonly used as it once was this due to the fact it soon perishes and is not good in a lot of different weather conditions. If you have ever left vinyl records by a window for too long, then you will notice that they start to warp. Vinyl flooring is no different, meaning that the vinyl floor will start to warp and crack over time. 

The same happens if vinyl is exposed to large amounts of water. Which makes it tricky to clean as it cannot have too much water going over the surface area. Vinyl flooring also has little Indians to do with the pattern, which makes it easy for dirt to get trapped under it. 

Carpets are not the easiest of textiles to clean either as they also come in different styles, shapes, and materials. It is not easy to get stains up from a carpet. There are certain different types of cleaning products that can help with the removal of some of the carpet stains and dirt. 

For all different types of flooring there are professional cleaning services available. They would more than likely use some kind of industrial cleaning equipment to remove the stains and dirt from most types of floors. 


The cleaning process would have to be carried out by someone who has a license, in order to be able to use such chemicals. 

Such an in depth clean would normally be done at the end of a tenancy agreement also known as end of tenancy cleaning or a deep clean.

A deep clean would not generally not involve the carpet being cleaned, just the same as the drive way and the outside of the windows, would not be expected to be done by the end of tenancy clean. This is because the carpets and windows are cleaned by trained professionals who have certain health and safety equipment. 

Anyone who is able bodied can use a hoover or scrub the mold and dust of the bathroom walls. Not everyone would have the equipment to scale a high building in order to clean the windows. The same goes for a professional carpet cleaner. They would know the best chemicals to mix and be able to use. And what they can and cannot use. 

Different types of cleaning

Steam cleaning is a popular way to clean, but in this instance, it should only be used on harder surfaces like wooden floors or vinyl. 

Although steam cleaning is a very effective way of cleaning, some suggest that it may damage the carpet.

The reason why is the fact that steam cleaning a carpet leaves enough water to drown mice and more chemicals then Cyanobol. Over time the chemicals, along with the water, may well destroy the carpet. 

Different carpets are made from different types of material; it depends on the style of property and the owner’s choice. The cleaning of a carpet might only come into consideration after having years of, having to deal with different types of carpets. 

For example, a landlord who owns many different types of properties would have a good idea of which carpets last longer and the material best used. Carpets will also be part of the house, regardless of other types of flooring, due to their unique features and different textures and styles.

It is possible to clean a carpet regularly using a standard hoover by the household owner or tenant. There are however, more in-depth ways of cleaning a carpet. Certain chemicals will certainly get some of the stains. It also depends on the method of cleaning the carpet; it is not always just a case of hovering.

There is the option of shampooing the carpet with a special type of shampoo, not hair shampoo. 

The way to remember the methodical way of Cleaning which is SSS.

Spray, Scrub and then suction. The professional cleaners mainly use this method. 

The spray would be some kind of water mix with chemicals then obviously scrub the area which needs to be cleaned and then go over with a hoover.

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