Beyond Staging - 6 Home Design Ideas For Appealing to Potential Buyers

Posted On Tuesday, 06 October 2020 21:32

After years of living in the same home, it can be tricky to imagine that space looking anything other than the way it’s looked. But a key element of successfully selling any home is ensuring it’s designed and styled in a way that invites buyers to see themselves living comfortably within those four walls. How do we achieve this universal sense of comfort? Read on to find out.

1. Add heating and cooling

The first thing buyers usually look for is amenities. They expect modernity and flexibility above all else. They want to know that regardless of the seasons, they can feel some respite within this potential abode. Invest in ducted heating for effortless winter heating, and look into ceiling fan installation to combat oppressive summer heat without driving your home’s carbon footprint through the roof. Not only are ceiling fans much more eco-friendly than a lot of air conditioners, but they can also complement the style of your home if you make a conscious selection when shopping for your ceiling fans. The same can be said for the floor vents of your heating system too.

2. Consider natural light

Do not underestimate the power of natural light. Humans need a certain amount of natural light every day to perform at our best, which is why it’s not unusual that architects consider natural light allowances to be a major part of any development plan. If your home is lacking in sources of natural light, chances are high that your potential buyers will feel the impact of this deficit next to immediately. Your home will appear cold and cramped rather than open, inviting, and flowing. You can easily boost your home’s light availability by switching heavier curtains out for a lighter, sheer design, and perhaps even installing a skylight in your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway spaces. Be sure to also consider orientation so you know which spaces receive morning or afternoon sun.

3. Perfect your colour scheme

Muted colour schemes are quite popular right now, mostly due to their versatility. Classic muted colours like mauve, grey, and eggshell have the ability to work fantastically in a myriad of interior design styles, including the ever-elusive monochromatic minimalism! Simply put, muted colour schemes will make your home feel just enough of a beautiful blank canvas that’ll make your potential buyers delve deep into their domestic imagination. 

4. Feature walls

It seems contradictory to be talking about feature walls immediately after touching on the pros of muted colour schemes, but there’s no denying that a well-placed feature wall can really bring a space into its own. It’s really all about making sure you do it right! This means picking the right colour on the right wall and finishing it off with the right accents. For instance, alfresco areas or outdoor entertaining areas usually have the most stunning feature walls because these environments are removed enough from the rest of your home to enable them to really stand out.

5. Highlight the natural assets

When we say ‘natural assets’, we mean your home’s wooden floorboards, mosaic tiling, exposed brick, and any other stylish features that may be appealing to potential buyers. Be sure to treat your floorboards before any inspections so that they shine attractively amidst all your home’s newfound natural light and complement any exposed brick and patterned tiling with suitable accents, liked framed photographs, canvasses, and other decor, like candles and figures.

6. Incorporate greenery

Adding potted plants and other sources of greenery to your home are a fantastic way of ensuring that your home is positively received by potential buyers, simply because they can make your home feel brighter and vibrant in a similar fashion to natural light. Alongside this, it’s important to add that one of the major pros of homeownership is the ability to make use of your own natural space. A lot of buyers will be considering home gardens during their inspection of your property, so the least you can do is demonstrate your home’s natural ability to house some leafy green friends. Again, be sure to keep orientation in mind to ensure that your plants are placed in suitable and sensible positions.

Be sure to view your home design plans as another aspect of adopting your buyer’s frame of mind, and you’ll have offers for your home in no time at all.

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