6 Upgrades to Increase Your Condo’s Value

Posted On Tuesday, 29 September 2020 20:36

Condominiums can be an investment, and if chosen and maintained with care, a condo can provide great returns. Buying a condo is a thorough process and increasing its value will only help in the future, whether you plan to sell, rent it out or just improve your living space.

Once you’re in possession of the condo, there are many things you can do to decorate and upgrade it. Before getting started though, check with your condominium or homeowner’s association regarding the changes that are allowed.

Here are some upgrades you can do in your condo to boost its value.

New paint

A new coat of paint can do wonders for a space. Dull, dirty or scratched walls can make a condo feel old. Painting over them will give the condo a fresh look. When repainting, you can go for bold colors, or if you’re thinking of changing out the furniture, choose a paint color that compliments them.

New floors

Just like paint, scratched up floors can make a condo feel old. You can search and replace the flooring, or if replacing is out of your budget, deep cleaning the existing floor will make a huge difference. Get a professional to clean your carpets and get rid of any stains, or apply a new coat of polish to your hardwood floors to make the condo look new.

Bathroom upgrade

Remodeling a bathroom can improve a condo’s value. Toilets and sinks that look old and show signs of wear and tear should be replaced. New faucets and fixtures can be brought in to change the look of the bathroom. These upgrades can be done on a budget that won’t empty your wallet. Even in the bathroom, a fresh coat of paint or redoing the floors can go a long way.

Smart home

Smart homes are becoming increasingly appealing. Smart home technology makes living convenient by connecting all of your home through one interface. There are also security devices available that can make your condo feel more secure as you can view any activity on your personal devices. A condo equipped with smart home technology will definitely be a step above others in the market if you’re looking to sell or rent it out.

New appliances

Older appliances can bring down the feel of a tastefully decorated condo. Replacing them with newer stainless steel appliances is an easy way to upgrade. This doesn’t require much effort outside of researching and buying the appropriate appliances.

Modern kitchen

A kitchen is often one of the most frequently used parts of a home, and modernizing it can give the condo a great facelift. Bringing in new appliances, repainting the cabinets, and changing up the knobs are some ways you can remodel a kitchen. If the granite or tiles are chipped and old, consider updating them or fixing them to look better.

A condo can be difficult to renovate due to the rules of the homeowner's association. But you can always plan an upgrade within the walls of the condo and work within those rules. Changing things up around your condo will make you feel inspired and happy and, if you’re selling, these upgrades will make the condo all the more appealing.

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