Best Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm: X-sense XS01-WR Review

Posted On Tuesday, 29 September 2020 20:59

The smoke alarm senses the smoke to deter a fiery crash from happening. While commonly used in businesses, today it has become an indispensable part of the home. Earlier, they used to warn at the moment of the burn, but due to the technologies, they can now sense smoke as well. Smoke detectors are usually two types of photoelectric and ionization warnings. Photoelectric smoke detectors track smoke a lot better than ionization warnings. X-sense XS01-WR Smoke Detector senses photoelectric smoke.


The X-sense XS01-WR portable smoke detector is mainly available in white with an optimal ambient working temperature range of 40-100 F. The working period of this smoke detector is 10 years, and the period of the lithium battery is 5 years. This makes the smoke detector unique. Red LED is used as a light predictor. The measurements are 3.0X3.0X1.9 inches and the weight of the commodity is 91 grams. It is so compact and light in weight that it can be quickly mounted on walls and ceilings without taking up so much room. Screw fixing and locking racks are required for quick installation. The alarm's loudness is equivalent to 85db and silences reach 9 min. Or, as it is activated, it sends you the loudest warning of a catastrophe.

The X-Sense is a normal, photoelectric sensor smoke alarm — note that there is no carbon monoxide detection — powered by a single 3-volt lithium battery. The battery may be replaced, and X-Sense states a lifetime of 5 years, which is half the average working period of the detector itself.

These alarms are equipped with RF interconnectivity, such that if one goes off, they all go off, given they are within the range of each other. (This range is not officially defined, but the firm claims it is around 50 meters—164 feet.) Up to 24 alarms can be networked together, and if you purchase a multi-pack (a 3-pack for $80, or a 6-pack for $144), they are still interlinked right out of the box. It is an easy method to interconnect with additional sensors if you purchase more later, a procedure that requires pressing the test button a few times in short succession — but pay careful attention to the instruction manual and then perform the interconnect test by keeping down the test button to ensure all functions are as anticipated.

The X-Sense Mini worked well when I checked it with a wood fire, picked up the smoke easily, and automatically heard both its internal siren and the siren of two other X-Sense detectors that I had put around the building. At 85 decibels, a siren is not overwhelmingly noisy, but with three alarms going off, you are certainly not going to sleep through it.

For the first time, any X-Sense smoke alarm goes through the stringent testing phase to verify the standards. It is accredited by TUV and CE for its severe reliability and protection. This maintains its strong capacity to detect smoke.

When included in the kit, the box includes 1 warning unit, 1 mounting bracket, 2 anchor connectors, 1 user manual, and 2 screws, making it ideal for any household.

The smoke alarm is structurally distinct, even though it is rubber. It is lightweight and looks very premium. On the sides, there are holes that cause the smoke to penetrate the sensor and enable the critical smoke chamber to be entered, which activates the sensor. The speakers at the top are designed to offer the loudest possible warning. In the event of a false alarm, we can quickly switch it off since it has a mute button on the edges.


The installation method is the best thing about the alarm, as it is incredibly quick. Fix the bracket to the ceiling using the drill machine and the screws supplied. Take extra caution in picking a role as none of us requires frequent false alarms. Installation by the stove or at other positions can be stopped. Finally, take the main device and rotate it, making sure that the three clips provide the greatest help. Since it is wireless, no wires are required, which makes it effortless to manage.

Thus, these alarms are built in such a manner that they can be interconnected. But, in a case where the mishap is going to be cornered in a tiny corner of a large apartment, the whole apartment may be alerted by the detectors at the same time as they are interconnected. And, because all the integrated detectors ring at the same moment, an immense volume of the sound will help others that are sadly suffering from hearing difficulties.


Both X-Sense XS01-WR smoke detectors are equipped with an RF element, making them simpler to interconnect. Take two machines and click the test button or turn the on / off button four times with each of the systems. Click it before the horn beeps and the red Lead shines. This clearly implies that they are in pairing mode. Wait eagerly for them to be combined. When combined, a second-time horn would beep, and the Red LED would avoid blinking, indicating a good interconnect.

To interlink, the third smoke detectors click the button again four times on the new unit and then wait for it to interconnect again. The third detector would be linked to the two prior detectors. We may interlink up to 24 smoke detectors in this manner.

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