Why Listing Photos Matter

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Why Listing Photos Matter Why Listing Photos Matter

First impressions matter, and it’s especially true in real estate. Today, almost every house for sale can be found on the internet. As prospective buyers browse through online listings, the first things they see of the home are the listing photos.

In the last few decades, people drove by homes for sale to get the first look and decide whether or not to tour the inside. Even then, the first impression and the curb appeal they had of the home already mattered.

Today, to have an advantage over other competitors on the market, your property’s listing photos must take the buyers’ attention and entice them to tour and get a closer look at your home.

Of course, it will take more than great listing photos to sell your home, but this is one of the most often overlooked and underestimated steps of the entire process.

In truth, having great listing photos can only help sell your house faster, whereas having bad or no listing photos might even convince a prospective buyer to skip viewing your home.

Your Listing Photos Offer A Virtual Tour

With listing photos — and great ones at that — buyers will have an easier time deciding whether to view your property or not. Listing photos will give them a peek of your home, which will set their expectations for the visit if they do decide to have a tour in person.

In preparation for any buyers wanting to view your home in person, you might want to upload your listing photos in the order that you will conduct the tour. This will help give them the sense that they are viewing the home in person and seeing the interior for themselves.

Buyers Prefer Properties With Listing Photos

As the first things buyers see online when they view your home are the listing photos, it’s important that you provide good ones. To buyers looking for their dream home online, properties without listing photos are just not worth their time.

Compared to properties with good photos, those without any listing photos at all will likely be ignored. The listing photos are what buyers want to see first — if not the property price — when they browse online.

Buyers Will Want To Imagine Themselves In The Space

Without any listing photos, buyers will have a hard time knowing if the home is the right place for them. Prospective buyers don’t want to waste their time — and yours — by going out to a property and taking one look, only to find out that it isn’t for them.

Having good listing photos give buyers a taste of what your home has to offer. It will be a huge help to buyers when it comes to choosing between house A and house B. In particular, if your home is in a competitive market, having great listing photos could be the deciding factor for a buyer to choose your house over another.

Lasting Impressions

Once the prospective buyers decide to view your home in person, they will have an idea of what to expect. After viewing the home, the buyers may decide to look over the property’s listing photos again, especially when it’s time for them to choose between house A and house B.

This time, they can put together the floor plan and understand how the home flows and how each room relates to the next. High-quality photos that show the home well will keep them interested. It might even encourage them to go take another look at the property.

On the other hand, if your listing photos show a clean, bright, and airy home, but then the excited prospective buyers go in for an open house tour and see dusty furniture, messy items, or imperfections different from what the pictures show, you can easily turn them off.


In the end, great listing photos are not all you need to sell your house for a great price, but it’s a good place to start. Not having listing photos will only hurt your chances of having buyers view your home, whereas having great listing photos can convince prospective and serious buyers to view your home.

In fact, if they see that the house has good value, has been well-taken care of, and the great listing photos entice a lot of buyers to view your home, some might even offer you a great price immediately! If you don’t have a good camera or are not confident in taking good pictures, you can also hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos for you.

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