How to Repair a Refrigerator

Posted On Tuesday, 13 October 2020 23:14

If your refrigerator does not work well or something is broken, then you can contact refrigerator repair San Diego. This service guarantees the repair of any malfunction of such household appliances. Our company does its job quickly, reliably, and inexpensively, so you will be satisfied with the result.

Write and experts will come to inspect your fridge equipment, and the refrigerator repair cost will depend on the degree of breakdown, the set of parts for replacement, and the complexity of the renovation. 

Popular causes of refrigerator breakage

In most cases of breakdowns, you need to replace refrigerator repair parts and this is problematic if you do not know the construction of this technique. Simple problems could be solved on their own (replacing a light bulb), but more complex malfunctions require the intervention of an experienced specialist. Our company will repair any breakage and replace any detail in models from the brands listed above.

There are some of the most common causes of refrigerator breakage that need professional repair:

The fridge does not turn on

This problem can be corrected by a qualified technician because there may be many reasons. You will not be able to determine this yourself to repair your cooling equipment. The problem may be a malfunction of the thermostat or sensor, a broken compressor (clicks are heard), a broken relay, a failure in the control module, etc.

The fridge does not turn off

This problem also requires qualified fridge repair assistance. Your equipment uses a lot of energy to cool the space inside. Check the refrigerator door, it may not be completely closed and the cold is leaving from the inside. Also, a malfunction may be due to the included emergency freezing mode. But the problems can be more complex: the seal on the door is worn out, a breakdown of a temperature sensor, a refrigerant leak, a problem with the control module, or a malfunctioning compressor.

The lighting inside is gone

This cannot affect the operation of the refrigerator, but it does give certain inconveniences for its use. The reasons may be different: the lamp burned out or the light switch button broke. You can replace the lamp yourself, but you need an experienced technician to fix the socket, switch button, or find another cause of this malfunction.

The refrigerator makes a lot of noise while working

You hear a lot of noise and the reason may be simple – vibration because the equipment is in contact with the wall or furniture. But it can also be the result of certain problems within the system: problems with work of the fan, engine failure, compressor malfunction, or an erratic relay position.

The fridge turns on and off quickly

This problem is very serious and its solution should be very prompt. There can be two reasons: a breakdown of the compressor or the starting protection relay. Contact a specialist because refrigerator repair cost would be cheaper than replacing equipment. Such a problem can be identified quickly and the technician will tell you which details could be replaced to correct the problem.

Formation of a thick layer of ice

This problem occurs if you put hot food or liquid in the open form in the refrigerator. A high level of moisture builds up inside and this moisture freezes at low temperatures forming ice on the wall and shelf of your fridge. Also, the problem may be another: poor air circulation or deterioration of the door seal.

Bad smell inside

Most often, such a problem is the cause of improper or long storage of food. Check all the shelves and remove anything that might be giving off a bad smell. Also, the smell may appear if your refrigerator has been turned off and closed for a long time. Another reason is the wetting of the thermal insulation, moisture has accumulated inside the panel and this has become a place for the accumulation of bacteria.

The amperage is discharged when you touch the refrigerator

The problem is that the amperage current goes to the refrigerator construction. You may experience a slight electric discharge when you touch the door or surface of your cooling equipment. The amperage can flow when the fridge is off or only when the compressor is running. You can try to solve this problem yourself but we advise you to call our specialist. Our expert will take the insulation resistance values ​​with a megohmmeter and take measurements. To do this, remove all food and turn off the refrigerator.

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