The Best Tools To Create A Stellar Real Estate Experience

Posted On Thursday, 15 October 2020 21:20

Enhanced customer experience is key to a good business service. According to a study conducted by PwC in 2018, around 80% of American consumers say that they prefer to buy products and avail services from businesses that provide fast, convenient solutions and use technologies that are user-friendly.

Incorporating good customer relationship management is, therefore, key to a successful real estate practice. Using technologies like CRM software, 3D tools, automating marketing efforts, and real estate digital platforms will generate more leads and help you manage your team of agents and clients organically.

To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of digital applications and tools used by real estate professionals. These apps and tools were shortlisted for client appreciation, value, and popularity.

Make Your Potential Client Search Easy

If you’re a small team or are just starting in the real estate industry, it can get increasingly challenging to keep up with new leads, visit new sites and arrange for follow-ups. 

But don’t worry. You don’t have to do all of that manually.

Homesnap is an online platform for managing all your real estate tasks – from buying and selling properties to having access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to help brokers find buyers. 

Similar to apps like Zillow and Trulia, it has a user-friendly interface. However, what makes Homesnap unique is its mobile application. With the mobile app, users can snap a picture of a house, and the app will list it online with all the necessary information about the property.

Users can also see unlisted homes, apartments, and condos on the mobile app to get a relative idea of the prices of properties off the market. 

Know Your Client’s Preferences

If you’ve been in the real estate business for long, you would know that one of the key factors to closing a deal quickly is to know exactly what your client is looking for.

Thankfully, various applications online make it easy for real estate agents to show clients what they want, saving time for the agents and buyers alike. is at the top of that list.

It lets agents, buyers, and sellers see all the listings available in a specific area, and has a viable texting option for buyers to connect with real estate professionals. One of the best features of Realtor is that it also shows prices for special features such as a garage or a swimming pool. 

On the other hand, many real estate agents have also started to use Neighborhood Scout along with Zillow or Trulia. What makes it stand out is that it lets buyers access the neighborhood information before buying a house. The search criteria entail area school information, crime rates in the area, traffic data, and nearest supermarkets. 

Using these platforms is one of the quickest ways to stay updated on new listings for buyers and real estate brokers. 

Be Visually Attractive

Graphic design provides an eclectic fusion of text and visuals that can enable real estate holders to differentiate their property from others. What gives agents a unique edge in the competitive field of real estate is the aesthetic. What looks good and feels good to the clients usually ends up winning the deal! 

So it’s all about making a strong first impression and getting buyers to come to visit the property. 

Luckily, you don’t need costly 3D models or architecture expertise to create an aesthetic visual experience for your clients. With design tools like PosterMyWall, you can create simple and eye-catching marketing materials like open house flyers, sale brochures, business cards, and social media posts. 

Create designs that help you give your buyers a compelling visual outlook and help them distinguish your brand from other estates.

Offer 3D House Tours 

Being a real estate agent means having to be on your foot constantly and arranging site visits quickly. It can get pretty tedious, right? 

Thanks to technology, the new solution offers taking clients on a virtual visit to the property. Software like 3D Vista even allows for the virtual visit to be shared between buyers and brokers.

A shared virtual visit means live-guided tours that allow users to make a video call inside of a virtual tour so you can keep speaking to your agent. The real estate agent will be guiding buyers through the property, and buyers can “zoom in” at any point to take a closer look wherever they want.

Agents and buyers can simultaneously control the virtual tour, synchronizing the virtual visit suited to their preferences.

3D Vista is available on both desktop and mobile devices, making the virtual visit even easier!

Foster a Better Client Experience

Once you have nailed the marketing graphics, listed your property, and even arranged a site visit for your buyers, the final and the most important thing is to close the deal. 

From a buyer’s perspective, the most important thing is the agent’s ability to price a house for sale accurately. This can be quite tricky, given the fast-paced environment of real estate. 

However, applications like RPR (Realtors Property Resource) are quite effective at estimating and pricing home values. Features like the Realtor Valuation Model can also provide you with the option of updating home improvements, making changes to the listed price automatically. 

Other features include:

• Detailed reports that include critical data for clients according to their preferences
• Search off market properties
• Take virtual visits and access to open houses, leases, and market trends

Key Takeaway

Whether you are a real estate investor, agent or broker, you have some amazing tools at your disposal to help you find some fantastic property deals and secure them quickly. Use these real estate digital applications to enhance customer and seller experience, we promise you’ll love them.

What are some of your favorite real estate marketing tools?

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