How to Use Vacuum Sealers

Posted On Thursday, 15 October 2020 21:27

Vacuum sealers have been used by food companies to extend the shelf life of their food while shipping it from one area to another. This process dates back to the early 1940s when the first airtight packaging was created. While there is no doubt that this technology remains very effective in commercial settings, it is important to understand how vacuum sealers can also be of help at home.

In order to learn how to use vacuum sealers, you need to be aware of some of the basic steps involved in using these machines.  

What is a Vacuum Sealer?

Vacuum sealers are a must-have kitchen tool that is used to seal plastic bags to be used in storing food.

Why is vacuum sealing important? Food that has been vacuum sealed retains its original freshness, quality, and color. However, food must be regularly vacuumed after it is cleaned in order to ensure the food is still safe for consumption. When the food is kept in the refrigerator for a long period of time, mold and mildew may form and the food loses its taste and texture. When the food is placed in the freezer for a short time period, the food begins to lose its nutrients. 

GroomAndStyle explains that vacuum sealing is a very common procedure at home. It is very useful to freeze meats and other food items, so they can be safely stored when not in use. This can also be done when storing perishable food items like chocolates and other edible foods. These foods are delicate. They have to be kept in cool temperatures and moist environments in order to preserve their original taste and texture.

How Does a Vacuum Sealer Work?

The process of vacuum sealing food can be done by using a vacuum sealer or by using the compressor. When using a vacuum sealer, the food is placed inside the vacuum chamber. The air pressure created in this chamber is enough to seal the food without causing any damage to it. 

After that, the food is then inserted into a plastic bag. In a compressor, air pressure is created inside the chamber, which seals the food inside the plastic bag.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Vacuum Sealers

A vacuum sealer is one of the kitchen essentials every homeowner should consider investing in for food safety and time-saving food storage and preparation. Vacuuming is vital to prevent excess moisture from seeping through the bags.

1. The first step is to fill your bag with the food you want to package with your vacuum sealer. You will then place your contents into the vacuum bag and then place the vacuum sealer lid over the bag. It involves sealing the contents in a bag so that no moisture can seep into the product. This step, known as bagging, uses a special type of vacuum that has an inner chamber that contains a small pump and air tight seals.
2. The next important step involves filling the bag with air. This is done by a compressor or by hand depending on how the bag is made. Once this is done, seal the bags. After this step, turn the vacuum sealer on so that air can be sucked into the vacuum chamber.
3. The third step is to seal off any gaps between the bags with the vacuum sealers. Once this is done, place the vacuum sealer lid on the bags. and place the vacuum sealer into the vacuum chamber. Once this is done, turn the vacuum sealer off and vacuum seal the bags again.

Tips When Using A Vacuum Sealer

Take a look at these helpful tips when using vacuum sealers to vacuum pack foods at home:

• Once the food is vacuum sealed, you should wrap it in a plastic bag and keep it in a freezer for an airtight seal. If you store the bag in an area that is too warm, the food will begin to spoil and this could mean that it will be harmful to your health.
• Before using the vacuum sealer, you should measure the bag you will be using. Then, you should determine the number of bags you need to fill the vacuum chamber. You can either buy the bags at the supermarket or make your own bags and fill up the chamber with them.
• The bags will need to be filled according to the instructions on the packaging. After filling up the vacuum chamber, you should set the vacuum sealing equipment inside the chamber and turn the handle to activate the suction sealer.
• The bag should be sealed in just a few seconds. After that, you can put the bag into a plastic bag and tie it in a manner that prevents it from blowing away the air bubbles. You can put it into a freezer and allow it to freeze.


In conclusion, the steps you need to use to properly use vacuum sealers are quite simple. Vacuum sealing is one of the most useful procedures when it comes to preserving food. It can be used to store food as well as to preserve the quality of the food itself. Follow these steps and you should find that your products remain safe and will not escape their packaging.

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