Choosing the Right Removalist for Your Need: 8 Considerations to Make

Posted On Monday, 19 October 2020 20:17

If you are about to move into your new home, finding a removalist that can help you move your belongings in a safe and reliable way is essential. However, not all removalists might be suitable for your needs. And, checking in advance the services they offer and their accreditations is crucial to ensure that your possessions will be safe in the hands of these professionals. Below are the essential considerations any homeowner or renter should make before employing a removal company.

Assess the Size of Your Current Home and What You Need to Remove

When moving into a new home, it is essential to assess your home’s size and the number and size of your belongings. You might be doing this anyway - especially if you have to pack and get everything ready for the big moving day! However, auditing your property before committing to a certain removal company is also crucial. Indeed, many companies might not be as suitable for the number of items to move, while other companies will end up overcharging you if you don’t know how many items are there to move! Making a list of all the boxes, furniture items, belongings, and decorations to move can help you obtain a fair quote - and hire the right-size company for your needs!

Find Out About the Services Offered

Not all removal companies or removalists offer the same services. Some might just help you move boxes from one address to another only. Some other companies, instead, are happy to help you pack and transport larger items up and down flights of stairs! Checking the removal company’s website is an excellent way to understand more about the services offered and the time the removalists will need to move all the items. If you are also looking for rubbish removal and demolition services, make sure these are also in the company’s competences!

Make Sure the Company Is Within a Reasonable Distance

When moving home, it is crucial to hire a local company. This choice will offer you some benefits that can truly make a difference in your experience. Firstly, a local company is always around the corner and ready to help you. This is essential if you are trying to move home while also attending a full-time job! Indeed, you might need to book your slot later in the evening or before work - and only a company located nearby can help you do so!

Additionally, local removalists know the area well. This is an aspect to consider when you are trying to cut down on transport time or avoid high-traffic areas.  

Ask Different Agencies

Don’t settle for the first company you get in touch with! Generally, it is a good idea to at least get three different quotes. This allows you to have a clearer idea regarding what is the right price for the job. And, of course, you can pick the one that fits your budget best! Asking for a quote from three different companies is a balanced compromise between checking out the option around you and not making choosing one too overwhelming. 

Additionally, to get a more precise idea of what to expect from the final fee, ask the company if they can send out a representative to audit your home before starting the working on the project.

Cheaper Services Does Not Mean It Is the Right Company for You

Of course, you are looking at saving on the moving process - especially if you have just bought a new or expensive home. However, removalists will be handling your dearest possessions, valuable pieces of furniture, and fragile items. So, you might need to ensure that the company is reliable and attentive - regardless of what their price range might be! Smaller local companies might be able to offer you exclusive deals, but it is always worth ensuring that you can trust the removalists with your belongings. 

Make Sure They Are AFRA Accredited 

AFRA or Australian Furniture Removalist Association is the most important association for removalists in Australia. An accreditation from this official body is a sign that the company is expert and reliable. Indeed, the association is consulted by the Government and has the power to qualify certain companies. If your removal company has an AFRA accreditation, you can make sure that they are bound by a strict code of conduct. In turn, this allows you to put your heart at ease and know that your home and belongings are in the right hands! Indeed, to become a member of AFRA, removal companies must follow strict guidelines and pass comprehensive audits.

Have a Look at Reviews

A good indicator of how good a removal company is is the reviews that you can find online. If a company that does not have many testimonials, it does not necessarily mean that it is not worth the money. Indeed, it might just mean that it is new on the market - and, these are also the ones usually offering worthwhile deals! If you prefer to not commit yet to a company without knowing more about them, you could contact the owner or customer service directly to learn more about it.  

Speak to the Removalists in Person or Over the Phone

Lastly, before employing a certain removal company, you might decide to speak directly to them. Indeed, they are likely to charge per hour, so the overall cost of the job might entirely depend on the number of items you need to move, the size or your home, and the distance between the two properties. If you can get in touch directly with the removalists, this can be an excellent way to get an honest quote regarding the final price for the job. 

Get Started Today!

If the moving day is approaching and you have not yet employed a removalist, it is time to find out what are the right removal company options for you. Indeed, if you are moving, it is not a good idea to leave such a big task for the day of the move! Learning about the different companies in the area that offer the services you need is crucial. Start by getting in touch with Melbourne removalists to get a quote and meet a representative!

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