8 Tips to Decorate You Swimming Pool

Posted On Friday, 23 October 2020 15:13

If you are lucky enough to have the money and the extra space for a swimming pool, then you want to ensure that you decorate the space effectively. Swimming pools are classed as a luxury feature and already boost your property’s decorative value, however, there’s always more that you can do to enhance how visually pleasing the space is for you and your guests. 

Decorating your pool isn't just about making it look good, the right decorative features can also help to make it safer at the same time. Even though swimming pools naturally add a decorative element to your garden, if they are not looked after and decorated properly they can look drab and boring.

Here are eight tips to help you decorate your swimming pool.

1. Incorporate plants and trees

A great way to boost the look of your pool and also aid the relaxation that the space offers is by surrounding your pool with plants and trees. Your climate will determine what you can have, but options like palm trees and shrubs tend to look great. Not only will they boost the decoration of your swimming pool but also your garden as well, so you are killing two birds with one stone on this one! 

Increasing the greenery around your pool won't only increase the aesthetics of the space, it is also known to increase feelings of relaxation. One thing to note with surrounding your pool with trees and shrubs is that there may be leaves and plant debris that find their way into the pool, so it is best practice to either have a robot pool cleaner or a net to make sure that your pool stays clean. 

2. Get the pool build material right

This one is for those planning or updating their pool as opposed to just decorating it. Pool build material can have a defining impact on the cost and look of your pool, so it is an important factor to think about. If you choose to go more traditional with the design and opt to have it built-in and tiled then this may be more expensive and harder to maintain.

If tiling and grout have been used to fix the tiling in place, these need to be cleaned regularly to keep the grout in good condition and stop the tiles falling off. Also, if the tiles crack then you will need to drain the pool and have them fixed. If you were to go for a fiberglass pool however, this may be a cheaper and easier to maintain option; fiberglass is less likely to crack under impact and will be easier to keep clean.

3. Add in a Spa

If you are really looking for that increased sense of relaxation then turn your pool into a spa area. You could add in a hot tub or a sauna to increase your relaxation time. Adding in the additional spa-like items isn't the only thing you could do to give it that spa feel, you could also add in some coloured lighting and some ambience setting music, to help you maximise relaxation. 

4. Incorporate fencing 

When thinking about putting in a fence around your pool it may automatically take your mind to some dreary looking wooden fence, but your fencing doesn’t have to be dreary. The best fencing option to make your pool look modern and chic is glass fencing. Not only will it make your pool look modern but it also adds in a safety element. If you have children running around, being able to stop them from falling into your pool and injuring themselves or worse is important - it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry! 

When installing the fencing it is most likely going to be better to get someone in to do this for you, so that it not only looks great but is also installed correctly and safely, as working with glass can be hard and dangerous. If you need to get someone in to help with this, then you can easily search glass pool fencing Mornington for example and get great results for your area.

5. Add outside seating

If you are having guests over or just enjoying the pool for yourself, it is always nice to have somewhere to sit and relax before or after getting in the pool. Depending on what sort of vibe you want, you can choose from a wide range of seating options. If you want seating just for relaxing and sunbathing, then sun loungers or deckchairs are going to be best. Whereas, if you want it for barbecuing and eating outside, then a table and chairs with an umbrella, for bad weather or to keep the sun off, might be best. 

6. Invest in decking or a patio

If you have decided to get outdoor seating then it is probably best to have some sort of deck or patio put in near or running adjacent to your pool. This will give you something to put your seating on, as well as something to get out of the pool onto to stop you getting muddy while you are wet. 

7. Add a sheltered area

If having an umbrella to help protect you from the weather is not an option for you, then getting something more permanent installed like a cabana or gazebo, could be ideal. This will give you somewhere to shelter from either rain or the heat when it gets too hot. 

As well as adding in protection from the elements, this will also add in some privacy for you and your guests. 

8. Invest in lighting

If you are wanting to use your pool in the evening, then it can be dangerous to do so in the dark. Adding in some simple lighting in and around the pool will help you to safely enjoy your pool even once the sun has set. 

You could opt to use waterproof outdoor fairy lights around your pool, or you could opt for permanent patio or deck lighting. Adding the right lighting will allow you to get more time out of your pool and is great for when you have guests over but don’t want the fun to end when night time arrives. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you to perfectly decorate your pool and get all the use out of it you can, while making it safer and a nicer place to be.

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