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Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

Posted On Saturday, 28 November 2020 21:43

Real estate is a lucrative industry that can help you imprint that generational wealth legacy you've been waiting for. Besides market stability, most properties will always appreciate in value, such that they can be flipped at bigger profit margins. However, that is just a fraction of the success that comes with being in the industry. The bigger part of it depends on how you run your business and market it. For instance, acknowledging that the world is changing technology-wise will give you a more in-depth insight into marketing ideas and emerging trends in after-sale services. That way, you can always tailor the approach you give to every client for an improved customer experience. 

What other marketing ideas should you leverage to improve the existing strategies, such as sending real estate postcards? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

Know the target market

Do you know the right target market in your niche? That could be the stepping stone to immense success in the industry, especially when your broker deals are presented at the right time. Keeping your target market involved in investment matters will help if you become an expert or analyst in the market. For instance, knowing upcoming infrastructure projects such as transport and business parks will give you an idea of where to channel the marketing strategies. 

Website and social media

As noted earlier, technology is fast changing the approach that we had towards commerce. Today, you can buy almost anything on the internet. In the same spirit, your prospective customers should find your business either on a website or social media page for easier inquiry and property viewing. It is important to understand that 90% of every house purchase or sale starts with an internet search. When creating a website, it will help if you focused on branding and SEO strategies to give it a higher ranking. 

Encourage online reviews and direct referrals

Before a buyer settles on a particular real estate agency, they always check on the online reviews to see what other customers have to say about you. Most will also prefer direct references from friends and relatives who have purchased properties before. It will be best if your agency has exemplary customer care services to tackle complaints from all angles to be on the safer side. Remember, negative online reviews will hardly point anyone in your direction. 

Email marketing campaigns

The average internet user receives about three emails per day, including social subscriptions and promotions. Don't you want your latest listings to be part of those emails? Get an experienced email campaign manager for email harvesting and a copywriter for unique content that will have an impactful opening/response rate. 

Real estate newsletter

Lastly, you might also want to publish a monthly real estate newsletter if you are looking into long-term success in the industry. Notable updates that prospective clients will be interested in include changes in the real estate law, updated listings of luxurious property, and even the prevailing mortgage rates. 

The above marketing tips will help bring your agency to par with what multinational businesses do to conquer a bigger market share. All that you'll need to do now is hire motivated staff that will see the market from the same perspective as you. 

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