5 Reasons to Buy a Fully Furnished Apartment

Posted On Wednesday, 13 January 2021 20:41

There are a number of factors that a person would need to consider when buying a home. You need to think about the price, the location of the property, its overall condition, the amount of space it provides, its proximity to your workplace or your children's schools, the people and the neighbourhood surrounding it, and many more.

For some people, there is one extra detail to check off the list: Is the place already furnished or not?

While the majority of home buyers (as well as tenants looking for a place to rent) choose to move into a bare piece of property, there are some who would prefer to buy a semi-furnished or even fully furnished home.

How furnished is fully furnished?

When looking for a place to buy or rent, you're sure to come across terms like semi-furnished and fully furnished. 

While there are no hard and fast rules regarding what exact items are to be included in the property under these categories, here are the general provisions:

A semi-furnished apartment may have some standard lighting fixtures, a sofa or two, curtains, a dining table and chairs, a bathtub, toilet, sink, a bedframe, closets and dressers, and one or two major kitchen appliances.

On the other hand, a fully furnished apartment may have all that is listed above for semi-furnished apartments, plus more: 

• Coffee tables
•Desks and chairs
• Entertainment units
• Telephones
• Decor like art and/or indoor plants
• Shower curtains
• Bath mats
• Waste bins
• Soap dishes
• Towels
• Mattresses
• Nightstands
• Table lamps
• Clock radio
• Clothes hangers
• Refrigerator
• Stove and oven
• Microwave
• Dishwasher
• Coffee maker
• Glassware
• Dinnerware
• Cooking utensils
• General supplies (toilet paper and paper towels, cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner, garbage bags, extension cords, batteries, iron and ironing board)

What's more, utilities such as telephone service and cable may already be up and running.

Who would a fully furnished apartment for sale in Dubai (for example) be perfect for?

• New expatriates
• A business traveller staying in Dubai for a year or more who doesn't want to stay in hotels or serviced apartments the entire time
• An individual moving to Dubai to start work right away (alone or with family)
• Professionals/individuals willing to pay a premium for convenience and elegance
• Families in search of a second home or a vacation house who want to spend more time relaxing and exploring

Why choose a fully furnished home?

Here are the top reasons why the aforementioned individuals would decide to buy an apartment with all the furnishings ready for use:

1. To save time and money

The biggest motivation for people to pick a fully furnished home is all the savings they get to enjoy. 

• First, buying this kind of property could be less expensive than purchasing the property plus all brand-new furniture, appliances and supplies. Use a mortgage rate calculator to get an idea of how much you will need to prepare for if you invest in the top furnished properties in your area. 

• Second, you can complete the purchase, and the move into the new home, in less time than it would take if you were to go through the entire endeavour the traditional way. 

If you moved to the location for work and you have to start immediately, you can simply travel to your new home with just the essentials like clothes, documents and other personal possessions, and settle into the home right away. There's no need to arrive several months or weeks in advance to set up the place. 

This is also a great benefit if you are moving in with children and have little time to spare for other activities.

2. To skip poring over furniture and appliance catalogues and buying each piece  

While shopping may be an enjoyable activity, buying furniture, appliances, decor and all necessary supplies for a new, unfurnished house can take up a surprising amount of time. You need to plan the overall look you want to achieve and purchase the pieces that will tie the look together.

On top of that, you'll have to ensure that all the items will be delivered at the right times. You wouldn't want to move in and spend a couple weeks without a bed or a fridge because the delivery schedule didn't go according to plan. And of course, there's the actual task of putting everything in place throughout your new home.

In a fully furnished flat, everything you need will be right there when you arrive.

3. To avoid packing and moving possessions from one place to another (especially from a different country)

When you buy an unfurnished place to live in, you'll have to order some new furniture while also packing and transporting other possessions that you already own. And anyone who has ever moved to a different house before will know how time-consuming and tiresome it can be to sort through your things, pack what you need, clean up, and make arrangements for transporting everything. 

It goes without saying that transporting your things to a different country makes everything doubly challenging to do.

Moving into a fully furnished space ensures that you can do away with major logistics issues and all the associated headaches.

4. To enjoy the lavish home design, wonderful amenities and proximity to key urban destinations

If a Business Bay property for sale is the new home you have selected in Dubai, then you can expect to revel in luxurious spaces. The top-notch fully furnished apartments in this iconic neighbourhood are sure to please the discerning homeowner. 

Luxury ready-furnished apartments in the upscale community of Business Bay boast excellent interior design elements. You'll have access to exceptional amenities like a gym, swimming pool, luxury spa, specialty shops and a valet service. Plus, retail, entertainment and cultural establishments are just a quick drive away.

5. To have the option to rent out or sell the property in the future

Owning a luxury furnished apartment in a prime location such as Dubai is a great way to ensure comfort and security for yourself or for your family. However, should you decide to move to a different location, you can always choose to find tenants to rent your home or to sell the furnished property to someone else. This way, you can still earn and benefit from this prized property. Whatever you decide for your property, make sure to seek out the expert assistance of a trusted property consultant as well as the various government services available to property owners in Dubai.

Live in luxury and convenience

If purchasing a new home is in your future plans, consider choosing a fully furnished apartment. In this kind of property, you can lead a truly satisfying lifestyle and enjoy convenience, comfort, and a touch of luxury.

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