5 Tips to Help Keep Your Vacation Home Safe and Secure

Posted On Wednesday, 13 January 2021 20:51

A vacation home is a great option for those who would like to escape their hectic lives from time to time. The only problem is that you are likely to be away from your vacation home for extended periods. Because of this, the property might be vulnerable to vandalism or break-ins. So, we are going to look at some ways you can ensure it remains safe and secure while you are away.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

While many burglaries are forced entries, some of them happen because burglars have easy access to your property. Securing your doors and windows, especially those at the ground level can help protect from these types of burglars. Install secure locks, secure sliding doors with a security bar and ensure all your windows cannot open more than a few inches.

Install a Security System

There are lots of different options to choose from when considering a security system for your vacation home. An obvious choice is a monitored security system. Installing such a system means that someone is always looking at your property and provides video records in case something happens when no one is looking at the system. If you install the right system, you will also be able to check on your property wherever you may be.

You can also opt for automatic security systems. These include options such as motion-sensor lights and alarms for your windows, doors, walkways, or any other areas an intruder can access. You can pair such a system with automated notifications so that you are alerted as soon as there is an intrusion and so that you can check your security video feed to see what is going on. There are many other security systems and options you can go with. You can read this guide to see which ones would work best for you.

Hire a Landscaping Company

Untidy hedges, weed-infested gardens, and overgrown grass are all giveaways that you do not visit the vacation home often. Ensuring your garden and lawns are tidy can help deter some burglars who would not know if someone is at home or not.

Get Changeable Locks

A common thing that people who rent out their vacation properties do is giving the tenants a copy of the keys. Traditional keys can be copied and the tenant can come back later. To ensure your vacation home remains safe and secure, consider locks whose keys or combinations you can change. If you can reprogram the key periodically and easily, then you can help keep thieves and vandals at bay.

Keep Records of Everything

Although this will not keep thieves and vandals out, keeping meticulous records can make it easy to know if anything is stolen or missing. Keeping good records is also important for insurance purposes and makes it easy to make a claim in case of a loss. Ensure that the records are as detailed as possible and record the serial numbers and any identifiable features of everything in the vacation home.

It is unfortunate to know that many people do not think about securing their vacation homes until it is too late. Taking preemptive measures remains the best way to ensure your vacation home remains safe and secure while you are away.

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