5 Exterior Cleaning Tips To Try For Your Home This Spring

Posted On Wednesday, 13 January 2021 20:55

Spring cleaning is not only for the interior of your home; it’s also very beneficial and necessary for the exterior. Some outdoor cleaning this spring will improve your property’s curb appeal, but it serves a higher purpose. It also plays an essential role in protecting your home’s structural integrity.

If you’re looking to clean the exterior of your house this spring and you don’t know where to start, the following is a list of tips to keep in mind:

1. Make Sure You Perform A Deep Clean With A Pressure Washer

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can always get one at the nearest home improvement store, or consider professional pressure washing services in Sarasota FL instead.

No matter what your preference is, you should make sure to pressure wash your porch, patio and deck. The best thing about pressure washing is that it eliminates stubborn dirt very effectively. However, make sure to learn how to use a pressure washer before you decide to go with a DIY approach, as it can cause damage when used poorly. If possible, read the user’s manual or watch some helpful video tutorials online before you get washing.

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2. Clean Your Windows

Winter storms leave residue all over your windows. If you want to clean your windows to maintain your home’s curb appeal, make sure that you tackle your screens first to prepare for the breezy, sunny spring days. You can clean the windows screen using a hose, and if the residue is particularly hard to get rid of, then rub it with a brush and some soapy water.

3. Protect And Seal Wooden Areas

Once your porch, deck and patio are dry after cleaning, consider applying a sealer to protect the materials from further sun or water damage. Then, touch up the wooden areas with paint or stain to make them look new again. It’s a great idea to re-stain your home exterior's wooden components every year to deter pests from making nests or hives, and to prevent rotting.

4. Clean Your Front Porch

The front porch of your property can either make or break the first impression that people take. Knowing how to clean your front porch this spring will give you a big edge in making your guests feel welcome.

When cleaning your front porch, make sure to take note of the following:

• Remove any decorative objects and plants
• Sweep debris and dirt off the porch
• Wipe down the flower pots, decorations, and furniture with a damp cloth
• Use a handheld vacuum or long-handled duster to get rid of any cobwebs that have gathered in the porch’s high corners.

With a little effort, your front porch will become a welcoming and comfortable area to sit down at any time of the day or night.

5. Inspect Your Roof For Surface Repairs

Winter weather may damage your roofing materials, which results in more extensive problems. To check your roof, do a visual inspection using a ladder.

Some of the various roofing issues that you can check include shingle damage, other signs of deterioration and flashing problems around your chimneys and vents.

If you see something that concerns you, ensure that you contact a roofing expert immediately, to confirm your suspicions and get the best possible solutions for your issues. Also, while you’re on the roof, don’t forget to check the gutters as part of your spring cleaning. Make sure to clean them out before you come down, because they can also lead to more expensive and damaging issues if not taken care of.


Spring is the best time to give the exterior of your home a good cleaning. It not only makes your property more visually aesthetic to passers-by, but it can also help to prevent expensive repairs down the line, and safe you and your family from any unprecedented financial surprises. Make sure to keep the above tips in mind when cleaning the outside of your house this spring; it’s easy to forget about it when focusing so profusely on the inside, but keep in mind that it’s what people see first, and that counts for a lot.

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