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How to go Digital: 3 Apps for a Better Real Estate Career in 2021

Written by Anthony Mann Posted On Thursday, 04 February 2021 22:46

Many things in Real Estate are just the same as they were when my father started in the industry in the 1970s. It’s still a business about real property, customers, and relationships. But 40 years ago, no one could have foreseen how digital technology would create such a giant paradigm shift in how those factors interact with each other, how we acquire leads, and how we interact with clients.

Even over my nearly 15 years in Real Estate, I’ve seen it all. Nothing has changed the business more than mobile technology.

Apps, lead generation platforms, virtual imagery and video, remote operations, client relationship management… digital technology has improved every step in the process. But many in real estate sales are just now beginning to understand this shift. We must adapt or risk falling behind. Allow me to divulge some secrets of how to go digital (or how to make going digital easier) and how to best use apps for your real estate career. 

1. Best for Making Paperwork Easier

Why make more work for yourself on-site at the property than you have to? One great solution is a sign-up, paperwork, and disclosure app like REDisclosures.

With an app like this, all a client needs to do when they walk into an open house is scan a unique, property-specific QR code, or text a word to an individual number, and they are presented with an easy-to-use form on their phone to enter their contact information, agent declaration, and mortgage approval status. When all this information is captured, the app then generates the proper forms and sends them right back to the potential client to sign through DocuSign with all the places for required signatures and initials easily laid out.

While an app like REDisclosures makes filling out paperwork simple for clients, its true benefits are for the agent. All contact information and necessary forms are available for the agent right at their fingertips and all pertinent content is easily accessible from a single dashboard. This process can also reduce contact and increase social distancing while we still deal with the COVID-19 protocols that are in place.

2. Best for Digitizing  your Open House forms

There are a ton of time and business process apps out there.  Using apps designed for and built by real estate professionals is the best way to ensure they will. The best way to manage your time – and your entire process – is with an app like AM Open House, designed with agents in mind. It is the best way to keep track of your properties and all your open houses and integrates with your customer data input systems.

Apps like AM Open House allow both customers and agents to input directly into a system that is easily trackable and manageable. As well as, at the end of an appointment or any time in the sales cycle, the apps can be programmed to generate customized emails directly from you to every sign-in creating more touchpoints, open communication, and allows the potential buyer to ask questions or even make an offer.

Have you jumped into customer and content management platforms like Constant Contact, Contactually, PropertyBase, Salesforce, or Follow-Up Boss? Are you using several at once? If the answer is yes, a platform like AM Open House can help integrate all of these apps and more.

3. Best for Making Property Images on Your Listing Site Sparkle with Ease

Staging a property and making it appear open, inviting, and most importantly presentable for online listings is time-consuming. Wide-open empty spaces are dull. Cluttered rooms from an existing owner make messy pictures. Staging for photos takes time and money; poor lighting, faded walls, and staging around occupied rooms can make your perfect property less desirable. But with photography enhancement apps like BoxBrownie, it can all be done virtually through your phone.

Photo augmentation apps are part image capture app and part graphic design service. All you need to do is take quality, high-resolution pictures of your un-staged space, upload them to the service, and tell them exactly what you want to be done (or let them do what’s best). And almost every job can be turned around in just a day or two.

The services can do anything from simple image enhancements or improved lighting for a couple of bucks to digitally staging entire rooms by removing existing items and placing new virtual furniture around the space, paint walls and create outdoor spaces turning your lackluster still images into entire 360-degree virtual tours. Instead of telling potential clients how they can knock down walls, add windows, or connect rooms, you can show them exactly what a remodel would look like virtually with a snap and a send.

An app-based future for Real Estate

I have been around the real estate industry for a long time, and my father even longer. Technology has been evolving and changing how property is sold for decades. But, nothing has pushed farther and faster than the digital revolution. Mobile technology has not only changed but also improved the industry at breakneck speed. With next-generation apps like these at our fingertips, processes and platforms will help Realtors® do their job better and faster, creating an experience that benefits all parties.

Anthony Mann, President of A Social Strategy, has helped hundreds of Real Estate teams grow their business by providing qualified appointments. Anthony is so confident in his program that he allows you to only pay for appointments that you are happy with. He has been featured in Inman, Real Trends, NBC, and Thrive Global. Click here to learn about his Agency for Life™ System.

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