7 Tips to Create The Perfect Outdoor Grill Area

Posted On Saturday, 06 February 2021 23:10

Does the whiff from the neighbor's barbeque tempt you often? Does it often set you dreaming of your own outdoor grill and fine barbequed delicacies?

You might have already made up your mind to get the grill and smoke out in your backyard.

Don't rush to create your dream grill area yet. Take a step back and consider these worthy tips for designing the perfect one.

1. Consider the surroundings

For some people an outdoor grill area is an obvious extension of their living space. But if you only have a limited area in the backyard or porch, you need to consider the space availability before you get too ambitious with the idea of the outdoor grill.

Similarly, pay attention to details like the landscaping and color scheme of your outdoor space. Your outdoor grill area should appear tasteful and complement the general style of the outdoor area.

2. Plan the layout

You need not hire an interior design professional for your outdoor grill area, but you can't underestimate the need for a clear layout for the design. The most preferred layout is an L-shaped area that gives a sense of division while not making your space too constricted. If you're not sure how to get started with the design, you can always look up the internet for some inspiration.

You should also plan out the features you wish to build in the outdoor kitchen. This will help in finalizing the electrical and plumbing lines.

3. Purchasing the appliances

You should be very clear regarding the appliances to be installed for your outdoor grill. Of course, the grill is going to be the main feature. You should do a thorough research in order to select the best grills. In addition to the grill you can add appliances like a refrigerator, a kegerator and ice maker for more convenience. If you have a big enough budget, you should consider installing a pizza oven, outdoor sink and beverage center too.

4. Outdoor cabinets

Adding cabinets and storage space in your outdoor grill area is the key to a comfortable outdoor cooking experience. You'll have a demarcated space to keep the utensils, cookware and cutlery. Less clutter, less confusion!

Outdoor kitchens are bound to face dust and debris, tough weather conditions and rough handling. The outdoor cabinets should be durable to serve their purpose. Stainless steel cabinets designed especially for outdoor kitchens and grills can make the space look well organized and maintained.

5. Add vent hoods

Often people make the error of opting out of vent hoods for their outdoor grill area. Unfortunately, this could prove to be a serious mistake.

Vent hoods are crucial from a safety point of view. They facilitate proper ventilation for the grill area. Vent hoods also prevent grease and moisture from sticking to walls and structures nearby.  We strongly recommend not overlooking this important feature while creating your outdoor grill area.

6. Provide some cover

Adding some shade or cover in your outdoor grill area is preferable to make the outdoor dining experience more enjoyable. Without a shaded area, summertime outdoor barbecues can turn out to be unbearable.

It's not necessary that you go for something as posh as a pergola or a pavilion. All you need is an umbrella or a tent and your grill area will be suited for all-season dining.

7. Comfortable seating and lights

An outdoor grill area can hit the perfect score only if the guests find the space cosy and comfortable. You'll need the space to be lit up if your barbeque party is to stretch late in the evenings. Incorporate sufficient lighting around the cooking space and the dining area, so that the guest feels safe and at ease. Instead of conventional patio seating, you can get creative and make upcycled seats and sofas on a budget.

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