5 Reasons New Yorkers are Fleeing NYC & Moving to California

Posted On Tuesday, 23 February 2021 21:48

Two of the nation's economic titans, California and New York, have been in constant rivalry for years. NY owns the world of finance, while CA dominates the tech industry. These two states on opposite ends of the country have a lot of contrasts. Do you prefer stocks or tech? Magnificent skylines or gorgeous beaches? Riding the subway or driving a car? Bagel or salad? The comparisons are endless. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, recently California has seen more New Yorkers than the other way around. 

From Big Apple to the Golden State

Moving from NY to Cali is no walk in the park. It's either a 3–4 day drive or a 6-hour flight. Plus, there’s the logistics of getting all your things from one coast to the other. That said, here are some valuable tips for moving from NY to California.

• Downsize as much as possible. Let go of extra furniture and utensils and buy new ones at your new place.
• Hire a reliable moving company. Make sure to do your research and work only with people who know what they're doing.
• If you're going to hit the road, plan the most scenic route. You'll be crossing over eight states (depending on the route you choose), so make sure to see the highlights of each one.
• Lastly, keep calm and enjoy the process. This relocation could be your only chance to experience the most life-changing move of all time.

More New Yorkers are making the leap to Cali than the reverse. Curious why? Here are the top five reasons New York residents are fleeing the East Coast and heading West.

1. Pandemic Situation

If you're already financially stable in NYC, there would be no reason to move across the country. Not unless a deadly virus threatens your existence, which happened when NYC became a COVID-19 epicenter during the first few months of the outbreak. Overpopulation and the congested way of life only made matters worse. As NYC shut-down, many residents set their sights on leaving the City for greener pastures out West. Although California now has 1.5 million more cases than NYC, the vaccine is doing its job to counter the virus's dangers. Despite the considerable difference in numbers, NYC has 44,000 deaths related to COVID-19, while California has had 45,000. Additionally, the Golden State has 18 more hospitals than the Big Apple, making healthcare more accessible. 

2. California's Growing Job Market

There's no doubt that both states dominate the game when it comes to economic prowess. Each one offers boundless opportunities for the ambitious and hardworking. However, the balance is tilting as the world dives deeper into using technology. NYC is still a financial center, with abundant jobs in investments, banking, and accounting. But NYC's overpopulation makes competition fierce and finding a job stressful. 

In California, the tech scene dominates and continues growing. Are you the creative type? Become a game designer. Do you like tinkering better? Venture into hardware development. Are you interested in catching bad guys? The cybersecurity department needs you. See, the job possibilities are varied and endless. Tech will always be relevant. And as the main crib for large companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Nvidia, California is a land of promise for exhausted New Yorkers. 


3. Lower Cost of Living

California is by no means cheap, but many areas are more affordable than New York City. Though San Francisco is 43% more expensive than NYC, there are plenty of other regions that offer cheaper living. How? The answer lies in California's geography. Since it's a large state with plenty of cities, you can always skip on the Bay Area and settle for another town or suburb where expenses are more tolerable. Even Los Angeles is 13% cheaper than NYC. This flexibility allows people to find housing within their budget. As an island, the space in New York City is limited, which keeps housing costs high. Even the outskirts are already congested. It's a concrete jungle with no means of escape. That's why a lot of New Yorkers move to break free from the rising cost of living. 

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4. Better Weather and Landscape

This factor is one of the biggest drivers of NYC to California moves. Although the Big Apple features glamourous attractions, top-tier entertainment, and vibrant nightlife, nothing beats the beauty of California's lovely beaches, challenging trails, mysterious mountains, serene lakes, and every other adventure the outdoors have to offer. New Yorkers move because they're tired of the towers of glass and cement, pollution, and the lack of access to environmental wonders. Central Park might be a great patch of green space, but it can only offer a finite sense of natural freedom.

Talking about the weather, California boasts a Mediterranean climate, which most people consider ideal. Here, you’ll get to enjoy energizing warm summers and mild winters instead of the textbook four-season climate you experience in New York.

5. Transportation and Way of Life

Life in NYC is extremely hectic. Stressful even. People move as if it's rush hour 24/7. Not in California, though. And no, the residents are not lazy. It's just that NYC folks have grown accustomed to the heightened level of rush that it has become a norm. Moving to Cali offers a more relaxed environment. As for transportation, most people in NYC don't own a car. They like to walk. Why get one when it's so congested, and the subway offers a more convenient mode of transport? Traffic in California can still be a pain, but there's a good reason to purchase a car with all the coastal highways and beautiful places you can visit. 

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