What are the Benefits of Wood Framing?

Posted On Wednesday, 24 February 2021 22:31

Choosing the right structural design is probably why we still have most of the high-rise buildings standing firmly today. When you look forward to building your home from scratch, you must think of investing in the right structure right from the foundation.  

The best building structure should be able to withstand the harsh weather and other stimuli. For decades, engineers have been working on various materials and researching the most cost-effective materials to use in building walls, but none have proved more effective than wooden walls. You can buy wooden walls here if you want to start building your home this year. Here are some benefits of wooden walls you should look forward to:

1. It is renewable 

If you are more concerned about environmental conservation, you know any organic construction material is good. Wooden walls are renewable building materials and, therefore, a good choice for environmentally-conscious builders. Ideally, it takes less energy to construct wooden walls, which means little emissions into the air.  

2. Easy to use 

Compared to steel and concrete, wood requires minimal technical skills and certifications. You don't need any welding or any special technique to erect a wooden wall. This saves on time, workforce, and the overall construction budget. It is also easy to obtain wood locally from big stores.

Apart from its availability, it doesn't cost a lot to repair and maintain wooden walls. You can also use wooden walls in clubhouses, commercial buildings, and residential houses.

3. Offers better insulation 

A residential house with a wooden wall is the best you can have if you live in a freezing climate. Wood offers better insulation compared to other construction materials like steel and concrete. Wood has a natural air pocket inside, which makes it possible to regulate heat in your building. It has a higher level of thermal resistance. This means if it's freezing outside, you are likely to enjoy some warmth inside your house. For a cold winter climate, wooden walls are the option you can have.

4. Wood has a tensile strength 

When it comes to choosing lightweight building materials, wood beats all materials in the market. It has a self-support length, which means it can support its weight. When you build your house with a wooden frame, you won't spend any money repairing cracked walls. 

Since wood supports its weight effectively, you will spend fewer resources in laying supports for the house. However, this will depend on the building construction design you choose.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to build a modern residential building or a residential home on a low budget, choosing a wooden wall is a right thing to do. Wooden walls offer various aesthetic options, which saves you on the interior décor of your home. When used in a commercial building, wooden walls help to reduce echo because it absorbs sound. Wooden walls are also perfect for those living in a winter climate because of their high thermal resistance.

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