6 Lawn Care Considerations Before Selling Your House

Posted On Tuesday, 23 March 2021 20:52

As you prepare your house for sale, you might need to employ all necessary improvements to unlock its value. While there’s probably a lot of work to be done in terms of interior décor, the first place that needs your attention is the exterior.  

Of all the landscaping components, your lawn is most likely to stand out the most to prospective buyers. Several things are of importance and should be key considerations when you’re planning for your house's lawn care pre-sale:

1. Can Increase Your House's Appeal 

There’s a chance that your lawn covers most of your exterior surfaces that are unpaved. When cut, the green areas of your lawn can complement your house beautifully. When it's uncut, it stands out almost just as strong but in a negative way.  

Your yard is what a prospective buyer sees first, and if it looks less green and lush than the neighbor's, then it needs your attention before you can take your house for sale.  

2. Hire A Professional 

While your loan mowing capabilities might be exceptional in your eyes, when you’re about to sell your home, it's better to leave that job to a professional who knows all the details to pay attention to and the best ways to upgrade your home's exterior.  

If you intend to start growing your lawn from scratch, bringing in a professional is even more important. There are soil considerations to consider; extremely sandy or heavy clay may need customized added material for it to support the lawn's life. 

A professional won’t also choose a random type of grass seed. But they’ll choose one that suits your conditions best. What do you intend to use a particular area for? Is it going to be out in the full sun or is it going to be shaded? What about traffic–high or low? These factors will be of importance in deciding which lawn will best suit your conditions.  

These are just a few things a professional has probably done more times than you. Also, since you’re preparing the house for someone other than yourself, you need to make sure it's up to the best standards and can be worth as much as you hope for.

3. Cut Old Trees

Before you can think of starting your lawn care, you might want to consider cutting old trees to make room for new ones. The older a tree gets, the less appealing and riskier it gets as it’ll become prone to falling, which can be dangerous to the property and those living in it. 

Cutting old trees in order to plant new ones is a great way to clear out your yard and restore its beauty. Another advantage is that potential new owners of your house get to choose for themselves the kind of trees they want on the property if any. 

4. Don't Mow Too Low 

If you choose to do it yourself (DIY), then it's advised you take care how low you mow your grass. Mowing too low will interrupt the perfect green you intend for your lawn since patches of brown from the soil might show.  

But that's just the least of your problems. Cutting your lawn too low will void it of the leaf material it needs to sustain itself through photosynthesis. So, you want to make sure that you have set your loan mower as high as possible and that its blades are sharp. The best lawn mowing results will be when your mower cuts through the grass instead of tearing through it.  

5. Apply Fertilizer 

Maintaining your lawn is neither a one-day nor a month job. For the best results, you should start your pre-sale lawn care routines at least a year before the sale. 

During this time, among other things you should be doing to maintain your lawn, you should also consider applying fertilizer nearly every two months. Remember, you’re working on a schedule to have your lawn in its best shape as soon as possible, so you shouldn't miss these schedules for applying fertilizer.  

It’s best to feed your lawn once in late spring, then late spring, another time in summer, then late fall, and finally before the snow comes. Timing is really important when applying fertilizers. This is because as the grass is growing, it uses up the nutrients in the soil and will need replenishing for it to grow well.  

6. Water! 

It might sound obvious, but it needs re-emphasizing. Your lawn care won’t amount to much if you do everything down to the last instruction yet not water the lawn well. You should take care not to overwater the lawn, as well water it too little. Both routes can kill your lawn over considerable tracts of time. Look for a comfortable middle.  


To get the best value for your home when you sell it, you should invest enough in it to spruce it up and increase its appeal. Knowing what you stand to gain can help guide you on whether you want to do this DIY or go the safer route of hiring a professional.  

Either way, you should make sure your house's landscaping is perfect by the time you post it on the market for sale.

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