The Best Smart Home Upgrades To Help Increase Home Value

Posted On Saturday, 17 April 2021 22:10

As we move into the future, smart technologies will make lives more convenient and comfortable. A common phrase nowadays is the concept of the “internet of things”. Not only will smart home gadgets enhance your home's functionality and efficiency, they'll also elevate your home's attractiveness to potential buyers. 

Renovations today include more than a high-tech kitchen or luxurious bathroom makeover; they often include smart technologies such as integrated audio systems, electronic window treatments, thermostats, and remote-controlled illumination across the home. Home automation is impressively presented to a potential buyer and never fails to leave a great impression. 

U.S. & World Report News suggests several reasons to upgrade your home so you can utilize the great technology now, or increase your home's value when you decide to sell. One of the big keys to making money off of a smart home is using technology to replace permanent features. 

Here are some smart home upgrades that will contribute in increasing your home value: 

1. Smart Locks 

The necessity of spare keys is eliminated when you install Bluetooth or internet-operated smart locks. You can even program smart locks to grant special access to guests, family members, and repair workers when they arrive. The smart lock is a trend in homebuyers these days with at least 63 percent of home buyers looking for them. Learn more on how home buyers can give your home more attention if you’re considering selling anytime soon.

2. Smart Thermostat 

Thermostats that can be programmed have existed for many years but many clock-style thermostats are difficult to understand and use. A new generation of smart thermostats takes the guesswork out of setting the temperature. As a matter of fact, the thinking process of these smart thermostats happens conveniently, since they are able to sense whether you’re at home or not and adjust the temperature of your home accordingly. You can check out several brands of popular thermostats that usually go for about USD$150-$300. This is such an ideal investment as it also impacts savings on utility bills.

3. Switches And Outlets 

Connected switches, control panels and wall outlets are other smart items which you may be inclined to forget when you move. These can significantly increase the value and interest of your home and therefore, are worth remembering.

Switches with smart capabilities usually replace existing light switches They can also be used for dimmer control and for powering and dimming regular and smart light bulbs. With the advent of smart outlet technology, outlets are now able to incorporate smart plugs integrated with them. You do not need to plug in a bulky smart plug to a regular socket, instead it can be controlled via your Wi-Fi network by simply using a smartphone app or voice assistant, which eliminates the need to use large smart plugs. 

4. Smart Smoke Detector 

With the smart smoke detector, you may save money on your insurance premiums while ensuring the safety of your loved ones. It’s considered as one of the essential steps of fireproofing your property

With any smart detector, you can continue cooking without worry of interruptions. Some products provide information not only regarding smoke but also sensing carbon dioxide and oxygen quality. If anything is amiss, you can also receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet.

Retail prices for these products would range from USD$100 and up.

5. Video Doorbell 

By installing a video camera right at the front door, video doorbells add a sense of security to any home. The video doorbell can be used to detect motion and ring a doorbell when someone presses an alert. It’s important to pick a video doorbell which delivers exceptional video quality.

You’ll need to hardwire the doorbell via wiring into your doorbell. It should work with several kinds of digital chimes. Battery-powered doorbells can be used in homes without wiring as well. Installing the majority of these models is relatively straightforward since they come with instructions. 

6. Smart Irrigation System 

A smart irrigation scheme is something you might also want to leave behind when moving house – and that would make a good selling point for your garden. 

There are all kinds of high-tech devices fitted into your existing irrigation system, which connect with the internet and deliver the perfect amount of water based on the species of plants, the type of soil, and the weather forecast for your location. 

Smart irrigation systems not only have an automated portion, but they save their owners a lot of money by only watering when it’s needed. 

7. Smart Lighting 

A home's lighting will cost between 12% of its annual energy bill or USD$264 a year, according to Energy Star. The amount you save might not seem like a lot, but it can add up. Sensor and dimmer systems for lighting make it easy to switch lights on and off. You can customize them to do things such as switch off when you leave home and slowly grow brighter when you wake up. A smart outdoor lighting system can also help with security by serving as a motion detector and making you feel safer about going out into your yard at night time. Although you can save energy with a combination of dimmer/sensor systems, you may find that you save more than 60% with a combined system. 

8. Automated Window Blinds 

You may have installed motorized blinds in your old house, but these probably won’t fit your new home. New buyers are also likely to pay a premium for such a feature. 

Smart blinds, which remind buyers of a five-star hotel, can be operated via their own remotes, or via a smart speaker that uses Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s possible to program many systems to raise and lower while you are at work, or when you leave and return to the property. 

Even though generally expensive, automated blinds are available in a variety of styles and prices, starting at around USD$130 per window. 


Even though the ROI for these upgrades varies, they’re considered bountiful when you decide to sell your home. There will most likely be more prospective buyers bidding actively to purchase your house, due to these amazing smart technology enhancements. Along with a great curb appeal, let your home stand out from all the other listings in your area.

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