Everything You Need To Know About Parental Control Apps

Posted On Tuesday, 15 June 2021 21:17

FamiSafe parental control app by Wondershare allows parents to control their children's online movements. As the use of the Internet is increasing rapidly, the rise of various cyber threats is increasing. It becomes difficult for parents to know what their kids are consuming from the internet.

The parental control phones help to control your kid’s android and ios devices. You can easily download it from the app store and link your phone with theirs and you are done. Along with that, parental control apps also have various features. 

In this article, we will discuss parental control, its features, and other related information. 

Explanation of Parental Controls

Parental Controls are nothing but a software tool that helps parents to set certain limitations for their children's internet usage. In this way, parents can prevent their children to consume explicit or violent content that is easily available online. 

Efficient parental control app such as FamiSafe helps parents to get customized solutions to set the restrictions. Also, you can set parental control directly on your broadband or even mobile phones. 

What are the various types of Parental Control?

There are about three types of parental controls available which you can choose and set as per your choice. The three types of parental controls are-

Device control- the device control is set on the device such as computer or smartphones. You can set the limitations and it easily applicable when the device connects with the internet. Here, the location of the device doesn’t matter. 

Network  Control- This type of parental control setting is done for a particular area. Basically, the restrictions are set on the router or broadband. In this way, every device receives filtered information directly. But, it is applicable only for a certain periphery.

App Control- parental control on the app signifies that it is applied on certain apps that can be set individually on each device. So you can block those apps which you don't want your child to use. You can easily download apps from your device's app store too. 

Important Features of Parental Control

As the need for technology is increasing, the stress among parents to have proper control is also increasing. You can choose the above-mentioned methods of Parental Control or download Android Parental Controls as well. In this way, you can ensure your child’s safety from the internet platforms. 

These are some important features of Parental Controls you should know- 

Safety from Cyber Threats

The crime rate of cyber-attacks and bullying is increasing rapidly. Providing an electronic gadget such as a phone to your kid can be very risky. There are huge chances that anyone can take advantage and you become a victim. You and your child can be safe by using parental control android devices. 

Setting up Screen Time

Devices such as smartphones and computers are also a huge distraction for children. Children can download games and play for hours that affect their health. By setting up screen time you can maintain a balance for them with the real and virtual world. 

Blocking Malware

Letting children use the internet can be very risky as they don't have much knowledge. While surfing through the internet, children can click upon any suspicious link which can be harmful. These links could contain malware and can corrupt your computer. Hence, parental control helps in this too. 

Monitoring Activity on Social Media

Keeping an eye on social media about with whom your children are interacting is very important. People can make fake online profiles and can harm your kids. For that, Parental Control Apps can help you accordingly. 

Unsafe Online Purchase

Kids can get excited when they see new games or other items on the internet. These games can be very expensive and they might use your credit card without asking you. This can be a big risk for parents. Hence, to prevent this, it is very important to set an android parental control. 

Steps To Use Parental Control

One of the Best Parental Control Apps is FamiSafe which you can simply download on your smartphone. You can download from Google Play Store, Amazon Store, and ios App Store as well. To use FamiSafe follow these steps-

1. Download FamiSafe or any other app on your and your children's device
2. Buy a plan as per your choice
3. Register an account on the app
4. Link the device using the pairing code
5. Set the restrictions 

In this way, you can use FamiSafe and other Parental Control Android on your phone easily.  Also, FamiSafe offers efficient plans for customers to buy and enjoy their life stress-free.  

There are three types of plans Monthly pans for $9.99 with 5 devices. Other plans include quarterly plans at $19.99 yearly subscription supports 10 devices at $19.99. 

These are the key points through which you can understand the parental control apps. It is very important to keep children away from the negative side of the internet. If you liked this article, please share your views below!

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