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Why You Shouldn't Wait to Call Your Insurance Company

Posted On Tuesday, 22 June 2021 20:55

A key part of homeownership is making all the needed repairs and performing proper maintenance. However, many homeowners can ignore needed projects due to feeling they don’t have the time, or too busy with other responsibilities, or simply not wanting to go through the repair process. While major home repairs are an involved process and can be stressful they are something that should not be ignored. Ignoring home repairs can lead to more severe issues if they are left unprepared. One part of your home that you should never ignore is the roof

If a major storm passes through your area there are many ways your roof could be damaged including wind, heavy rain, and hail. Once you become aware of any damage naturally you worry about the structural integrity of your home and any potential leaks (if you haven’t seen any already). When you notice damage to your roof one of the first things you should do is call your home insurance carrier and file a roof insurance claim.

Why Call Your Insurance Company Early in the Process?

When you need major home repairs you’ll want to involve your insurance company in the process as soon as you can and there are many reasons to do so.

  • It Keeps Your Insurance Company Involved: the majority of home insurance providers have no issue paying for needed repairs and want to do their best to help their customers. By contacting your insurance company as soon as you can they can start gathering preliminary information, assign a contractor, and start working with your roofer before the repairs even start. In many cases, the claims adjuster will inspect your roof alongside the roofer. Insurance companies often take an active role in the repair process and do their best to assist and make sure the work you’re receiving is top of the line. 
  • It Speeds Up The Process: some homeowners make the error of contacting their insurance company relatively late in the repair process. This can slow down how quickly your claim is processed and in some cases can lead to potential issues with the size of the payout. Insurance companies need proof of the repair process and to carefully document everything that occurs. A finished roof doesn’t give them much information to work with and even pictures and documents may not have all the details they need.
  • It Can Reduce Errors: claims adjusters and roofers have the same goal in mind get your roof fixed and restore your home to its previous state. By having experienced professionals work together the repair process can go smoother and information shared as repairs are made this can avoid situations where the insurance company needs paperwork or pictures to help in the claims process. 
  • It Reduces Any Possible Issues With The Claim: finally, by involving your insurance company in the repair process you reduce the chances there will be issued with the claim payout. Because your insurance adjuster will have been involved with the repair process, asked any important questions, worked with the roofer, and collected any needed information. This removes any surprises and because your insurance company has seen the work first hand they know exactly what the payment is going towards and what it costs.

Final Thoughts

Your home’s roof is an essential part of your home and is key for keeping the weather outside and keeping you and your possessions safe. The damage you shouldn’t ignore includes losing shingles, broken shingles in your yard, leaks, or any other damage such as the gutter system being dented or pulled away from your roof, If you see any of these (or other) issues you should contact a professional roofer and your insurance company as soon as possible to start the repair process. 

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