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Luxury Bedding 101: How To Make A Bed Like A Hotel

Posted On Tuesday, 22 June 2021 21:27

Hotels find satisfaction in providing their clients with relaxation and luxury. And likely, the most relaxing aspect of every hotel experience is the bed. With pristine sheets and fluffy pillows, the majority of hotel beds could leave you feeling as if you've rested on clouds. 

Luxury Bedding 

It's an amazing feeling to step into a hotel suite and see the bed neatly set. It's the most slumber-inducing sight you're ever likely to witness. It's plush, silky, and cozy. It makes you want to crawl into bed and nap whenever possible. 

So, what's the secret? Most likely, hotels just want guests to have an enjoyable stay. This is obvious from the way their accommodation, particularly the beds, is prepared for their clients. It provides an additional level of relaxation that you won't find at home. 

Isn't it wonderful to have the luxury of a hotel bed? What if you can recreate this cozy atmosphere in the comfort of your own home? All you need is luxurious bedding.  

There are affordable online stores that offer hotel-quality bedding. For instance, Beddable have a large range of bedding that's hotel quality. You can look for a store like it on the internet.

Continue reading to discover how to recreate hotel beds at your own home. 

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1. Get A Good Mattress 

You could truly enjoy hotel bed comfort if you have a superb mattress. Make a list of what you enjoy and not compromise in terms of proper support and comfortability. Hybrid mattresses provide excellent support while maintaining the level of comfort as experienced in the finest hotels. 

If you want to retain your current mattress, try turning it over. This enables you to sleep on the surface that isn't as pushed down as the one you're currently sleeping on. You can also place a mattress enhancer on top to enhance its softness. 

2. Use Crisp And White Bedding 

Almost all luxury hotels adhere to specific criteria when it comes to bedding. Crisp, all-white bedding is among these criteria. There's nothing more reminiscent of a fancy hotel bed than luxurious, white linen for your own bedroom. 

All-white bedding may provide a pristine aesthetic appeal, as well as a sense of being enveloped in a cloud of nighttime comfort. This enhances the welcoming and soothing feel of the bed. Additionally, white linen is relatively easy to clean and manage. The secret is bleach! 

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3. Choose Sheets With Good Thread Count 

Sheets are a critical component in creating a hotel-style bed. These sheets are unquestionably a large part of why people like to stay in luxury hotels. It's because they are smooth and clean, and when you slide into those, they feel like paradise. 

The secret lies in the fabric of the sheet. The best indicator of high-quality sheets is the thread count. It refers to the number of threads in every square inch of textile. The greater its count, the smoother the sheet is. 

Usually, the hotel sheets you love are made entirely of cotton. They also have 300 thread counts or higher. Cotton is often used in luxury hotels since it's airy and cool. Therefore, if you're aiming for the high-end feel, spending a little more on those sheets counts. 

4. Ditch The Fitted Sheets 

When recreating a hotel-style bed, hoteliers recommend choosing premium flat sheets instead of fitted sheets to get the optimum comfort. Fitted sheets may be more convenient, but they aren't always superior. 

You'll observe that most hotels' mattresses have two flat sheets of varying sizes. These sheets are placed on top of each other and tucked firmly using a method of making a bed referred to as 'hospital corners.' This is a must-do if you want a high-end hotel-like bed at home. 

5. Add Enough Pillows 

Pillows are often placed lavishly on hotel beds. This isn't simply for aesthetics. Hotels prefer to provide you with a variety of pillow choices. They usually use a mix of soft and firm pillows for adequate support and comfort. 

Extra pillows may also provide you more choices. The trick is to keep a minimum of three pillows on hand to help you in choosing the optimum level of softness upon which to rest your head. 

Also, ensure your pillows are fluffed correctly. Pillows that appear fluffy are very inviting. Though it's a minor step, it contributes significantly to the coziness of your bed. 

6. Use Posh Duvets 

In essence, duvets are comfy. Indulging in a duvet may be a wonderful experience. Try including a duvet in your bed ensemble to enhance its comfortability. 

When selecting a duvet, remember the 300-thread-count guideline for a silky, smooth texture. These duvets seem to be as cozy as they are, but when you want a little extra softness, stuff them with feathers. Then you can have the ideal combination for luxurious bedding. 

Shake your duvet thoroughly before laying it to ensure the stuffing is evenly spread. You don't want any uneven areas to detract from a generally flawless bed. Place the duvet on the bed, tucking the corners underneath the cover's upper end. 

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7. Choose Your Colors Wisely 

In trying to recreate the luxury hotel look, it's also essential to match the hues of the bed. Choose a white hue for the sheets, as they will usually be hidden beneath the layers. It also has that sleek aesthetic, which makes it an excellent background for your bed. 

If you don't want to go completely white, cream hues or softer earth tones may work just as well. With regards to other elements, make an attempt to match the colors with the overall look. Combine the colors well to attain the coziness you want to achieve.  

8. Clean Your Sheets Regularly 

Cleaning is a critical component of achieving a comfortable bed. Weekly sheet replacements may seem like a nuisance, but they're the only way to maintain your bedding nice, fresh, and comfortable. 

Wash your linens two times a week in cool water. Then, let them air-dry. If that's not feasible, dry it using the minimum setting on the dryer. Ironing your linens may seem like a huge effort, but the extra time you spend before using them is what truly makes your bed comfortable at night. 


Hotel beds are very luxurious and comfortable. But they're not hard to recreate. All you have to do is choose the type of beddings to use. And with the techniques above, you can replicate a hotel-like bed in your own home. 

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