Luxurious Indoor Pool Design Ideas For Your Home

Posted On Monday, 28 June 2021 20:39

If you have the space in your property and the money to invest, a luxury indoor pool would be a fantastic addition. Not only can this add value to your home from a financial perspective, but it can also give you a feature of the home to use and enjoy, no matter the weather. There are some truly phenomenal designs, that you can choose from that will help you to create the opulent indoor pool you desire. In fact, there is an indoor pool builder in Sydney who actually specializes in custom designs, made to your specific desires. 

When you have so much choice, however, it can be hard to decide on what features to include in your luxury indoor pool, so here are some ideas to consider. 

Starlit Ceiling

It is not just the pool itself, which can make your home look incredible, but also the surrounding features. One of the coolest additions which you can make here is to add large glass panels on the ceiling so that you can bring the outside in. This works perfectly during the day when the sun is shining, but it really comes to life at night, when you can swim beneath the glow of the starry sky. 

Lighting The Way

When it comes to the lighting around the pool and under the water, you can really set the mood with a variety of colors. These can be easily added and changed as and when you see fit. If you are having fun with the kids in the pool then you can keep it nice and bright: if you are looking to relax in sanctuary-like conditions in the evening then greens and blues can really create that environment. Lighting colors are changed using a filter rather than different bulbs, which makes it much easier to maintain. 

Wood and Stone 

In terms of the materials which you use for the surrounding area of the pool, dark wood and freshly cut stone really do add a sense of elegance. These materials are rarely combined elsewhere in the home which will also help to give the pool space a sense of separation from the rest of the property. In terms of style and theme, these are the materials that really help to add a level of luxury to the space. 

Technology Overload

Pools of course are not only for swimming in, they can also be used as a place to relax and watch life pass you by. What better way to do this then, than adding suspended television screens and a high-end sound system? Bring technology into the pool space turns this from a place to relax in peace to a place to truly live. No matter whether it is a movie night with the family or a sports game with your friends, bring some technology into the space will really add another layer of pleasure to your pool area. 

High Windows 

Adding large tinted windows is a great way to bring the outside in, especially if you have an uninterrupted view on one side of the home. Adding tint to the windows will ensure that nobody can see in, but you will have the full splendor of a natural view as you swim indoors. Simply because the pool is inside, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to see out. This is why these floor-to-ceiling windows are the perfect addition to your luxurious indoor pool. 

These are just some ideas which you could employ that will really add some opulence to your indoor pool.

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