Tie-Breaking the Build vs. Buy Battle: 5 Tips for Overcoming Common Custom Home Build Challenge

Posted On Thursday, 29 July 2021 20:45

Has the internal tug of war between building a custom home and buying an existing property has left you in shambles? If so, it may be time to settle the debate once and for all. 

While building a custom home might seem as simple as designing your home, waiting for a contractor to complete the project, and moving your belongings in, custom home build challenges exist with practically every build. Despite the heavy lifting and problem-solving tact involved, the benefits of building a custom home make the good, bad, and the downright ugly far more tolerable. 

Has the opportunity to maximize functionality, express yourself, and invest in high-quality building materials left you chomping at the bit? Does the thought of bidding wars make your stomach turn? For those ready to inject their one-of-a-kind style into every square foot of their home, it’s time to build custom. 

But what about the challenges blocking your path? Fortunately, there are several tips to overcome common custom build challenges. 

Settle the custom vs. stock house plan debacle

When you build your own home, you can choose from stock home plans or design your own with an architect. Because other homeowners have used stock home plans, you can breathe easy knowing these floor plans are time-tested. For those still not convinced of the benefits of stock house plans, working with an architect can be expensive. Not to mention, many architects take extra creative liberties and push homeowners’ must-haves to the back burner. 

Additionally, stock home plans, like those available through Monster House Plans, are affordable and time-saving, as the design elements already exist. As a cherry on top of your construction sundae, these stock house plans come in various styles, from craftsman to mid-century modern, so you can find something you love without having to leave your desk chair.

Commit to your design decisions

Custom home build challenges usually involve the homeowners making changes throughout the building process. Changes might require visits to the architect, ordering more supplies, and waiting for approvals. These steps slow the build and frustrate contractors who create their schedules based on the home plans. 

Find a contractor that you can work with

Contractors can make or break a project, so the best way to avoid home building challenges is to partner with a contractor you trust. If your ultimate goal is to steer clear of bumps in the road, the contractor should regularly communicate with you. 

An effective way to find the right contractor is to talk to your friends or colleagues who have built their own homes, or you can visit building sites and talk to contractors directly. 

Know that building a home takes time

A common complaint among people who build their own homes is the time it takes to complete the home. Site-built homes often take longer than the planned schedule. Typically, weather challenges, employee issues, and slow supply delivery affect these timelines. If you make changes to your home plans, the process could grind to a screeching halt.  

Know that whatever timeline a contractor quotes you, understand that the actual time to complete a build will be longer

Set a realistic budget

To avoid challenges while building your dream home, set a budget and stick to it. However, homebuilding challenges often involve unexpected financial issues. So, wise home buyers understand that they need to have a reserve set aside for the surprises along the way. 

To set your budget, visit homes with styles and features you like. Then, research the costs to create a realistic budget. Remember that prices rarely decrease, especially when it comes to the construction industry. 

Wrap up

To avoid custom home build challenges, prepare for surprises, but expect the best. Work with people you can trust and who can help you meet your design and style goals. Building a home will test your patience, so be sure to set aside an emergency budget for those construction curveballs. 

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