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Posted On Thursday, 09 September 2021 20:50

Home is a place where everyone begins their life journey. It is a place where we feel safe and spend time with our loved ones. Without a home, most people find themselves on the streets, where it is unsafe and harmful to health. There are many places that we can call home, but basically, we call home a place where you feel safe and comfortable. We assume that the house is the building where we live, but the house is a place where you feel loved and unharmed.

Wide range of real estate in Dubai 

There are many reasons why people struggle to find the perfect home for themselves, but have you ever wondered why there are so many cozy properties in Dubai?

The weather in Dubai is sunny all year round. For about eight to nine months, the weather in the UAE is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities and magnificent beaches. As you know, the United Arab Emirates has the best beaches where you and your family can spend time together and get closer. There are many activities on the beach, such as ball games, which promote unity in the community, which leads to everyone spending time with each other and taking care of each other.

There are so many types of houses in the United Arab Emirates, from huge villas to cozy apartments. All you have to do is to buy a suitable property in Dubai and choose the official website that will help you find it.

Are you still reading? Great, because here are some of the reasons that will help you understand why having a house in the heart of Dubai is a great advantage!

1. Buyers' market 

Of course, the United Arabs are currently a buyer's market. The average cost of housing in Dubai has decreased by about a quarter of its cost. This includes a 10% reduction in villa prices in 2018.

Thus, this is a positive study that increases the chances that you will have your property for sale in Palm Jumeirah. But does this mean that it is cheaper to buy it now than to rent it?

Financial analysts say it makes financial sense for anyone who intends to stay in Dubai for more than seven years. But for those who stay for a shorter period, it is advisable to rent out.

2. High-class transport routes 

The United Arab Emirates is one of the cities that always strives to improve its transport infrastructure. The organization, based in the United States of America, is currently building a faster transport route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This will be the first working system that the company will build in the world. When this happens, people will be able to travel comfortably between cities.

This means that there will be no more traffic jams in the city, and, no matter how untrue it may sound, it will be possible to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes.

3. Luxury life 

If you are looking for a luxury villa in an elite area, Dubai is the place you are looking for. The houses are distinguished by an elegant interior and a rich life experience. The city also offers you a unique lifestyle that you can enjoy with friends and family, including picnics, fine restaurants, luxury shopping and much more.

4. Affordable prices 

Buying an apartment or villa in Dubai in an affordable area is at the top of the to-do list for every person. Many of them are trying to find a suitable community in Dubai that balances low rents as well as a good atmosphere, which can be a big challenge. 

Affordable residential areas that also have high-quality built-in infrastructure are not easy to find in any part of the world. 

People also tend to ask if a foreigner can buy a house in Dubai.

Yes, expats are confident in the ownership of residential housing units in the UAE for 99 years, which allows them to fully dispose of the houses and villas that they buy.

The real estate sector in Dubai has certainly made great progress in recent years. Attracting investors from all over the world, the UAE developers promise them high ROI and extremely favorable living conditions. Some of investment properties in Dubai are fully developed, while others are still under construction, but they are really promising.

It is difficult for most people to make a 100% prepayment when buying a house or villa in Dubai. That is why there is a widespread trend of buying real estate in installments.

There are four most common housing cost plans in Dubai:

• Post-transfer cost plans

When buying a ready-made property in Dubai, the payment terms are divided into installments, which must be paid at several intervals. This is always an agreement between the buyer and the seller, in which they agree on certain conditions before entering into a contract. In addition, buyers have the opportunity to pay a predetermined amount after putting the house into operation. Such plans can last from three to five years or even more.

• 10/90 cost plans

This can be called another, more aggressive form of a post-transfer cost plan. Developers mainly offer this for off-plan real estate. As the name suggests, 10% of the total cost of a house in Dubai must be paid initially, while the remaining 90% is paid in installments.
This method is beneficial to both the buyer and the investor. This becomes very convenient when buying and selling real estate in Dubai.

• Cost in installments before buying an apartment

The most common plans are divided into percentages and are paid at different times before the buyer receives the key to the house. This is most convenient for the buyer, because he can plan your purchase independently.

• Rent at own expense

This method of calculating costs is very well known in many countries. It is aimed at end users and is available only for ready-to-move real estate. In this method, the tenant will become the buyer of the house, if both parties fulfill the terms of the contract.

Emirates.Estate helps clients buy their dream home in Dubai 

The United Arab Emirates is every person's dream, and whatever you earn, you can spend on a nicer place in Dubai to live there with your family. Being a tax-free Arab country is one of the most favorite qualities of this place. This gives you the freedom to spend money without worrying about what happens in the future. Emirates.Estate will help you buy your dream home in Dubai.

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