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Pushing Building Boundaries: Top 5 Architecturally-Exquisite Coworking Spaces

Posted On Thursday, 09 September 2021 21:04
Photo by The Farm Photo by The Farm

Of course, cafes are fun to work at, but dedicated coworking spaces have a different energy that keeps you motivated. Coworking spaces aren’t designed like traditional offices. Many offer a unique environment and atmosphere with their unconventional architecture and interiors. Though some of them may raise eyebrows, there are those that are truly groundbreaking. 

Here are five aesthetically innovative coworking spaces from different parts of the world:

5. betahaus (Germany)

betahaus became the first coworking space in Berlin when six students opened it in 2009. Their headquarters used to be a run-down state-owned warehouse in Kreuzberg. Located in the center of the artsy scene, betahaus became an instant hit among creative startups. The masterminds behind this coworking space believe in being open to change, growth, and innovation. Hence, their name “betahaus.”

The wood-themed Kreuzberg location is known for its flex desks, private offices, event spaces, events, community garden, and rooftop terrace. In addition, there’s a meeting room, hardware lab, woodshop, and cafe. You can also find betahaus in Neukölln, Hamburg, Sofia, and Barcelona.

4. The Working Capitol (Singapore)

Located on Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol used to be a biscuit factory built in 1920. In 2015, Ben and Saranta Gattie turned it into a coworking space with a minimalist and contemporary design to help people work their best while challenging the traditional work arrangements. Now, the place is an all-around multilevel coworking facility that caters to various startups and businesses.

The Working Capitol offers what they call workspots (hot desks), ‘workdesks’, and workspaces that can be accessed 24/7. It also has meetings rooms, event spaces, pantries, changing rooms, showers, and… a beer garden! It’s a perfect place for certified workaholics.

3. NeueHouse Bradbury (Los Angeles, USA)

Located in LA, NeueHouse Bradbury opened in 2020. NeueHouse used the five-storey Bradbury Building, a historical building that has been around since 1893. An architectural masterpiece, it was deemed as a National Historic Landmark with its elaborate ironwork, visible wood ceiling beams, and immense oak-framed windows that the company preserved during its restoration. Now, they’re paired with elegant and modern furniture.

NeueHouse Bradbury features amenities that aren’t found in most coworking spaces, like its broadcast and podcast facilities. But it still has the basics, such as the communal desk spaces, conference rooms and lounges, with the addition of a bar and cafe. It also hosts cultural events in its atrium. NeueHouse has other locations that are just as elegant and they can be found in Hollywood and Madison Square. 

2. WeWork Champs-Élysées (France)

WeWork has a lot of coworking spaces around the world and one of them is at the Av. des Champs-Élysées. This is where Thomas Jefferson used to live when was serving as the Minister to France. The company preserved the place’s original Beaux-Arts style and accented it with Morocco-inspired colors and furniture. WeWork hopes to create a contemporary shared workspace that combines the existing design with the company’s new additions. 

WeWork Champs-Élysées provides common areas that are one-of-a-kind, inspiring its patrons to collaborate and be productive. It also has private offices, dedicated desks, conference rooms, kitchens, recreational games, showers, an events space, outdoor space, mothers’ room, and wellness room. Everyone can bring their furry friends along, too!

1. The Farm SoHo (New York, USA)

Located at the heart of Manhattan, The Farm SoHo is a rural-inspired coworking space in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities. It’s built with materials from a century-old Missouri barn. All these pieces were transported to New York City one by one and put together by hand (literally!) to create a truly unique coworking space that radiates organic vibes. To complete the whole look, this Americana-inspired facility is designed with bespoke wooden furniture. 

(Photo by The Farm)

The Farm SoHo is complete with 24/7-access hotdesks and dedicated desks, private offices, full-floor offices, conference rooms, and event spaces. In addition, it boasts a kitchen, napping room, personal lockers, and other storage options, as well as virtual address and mail management services . But what’s probably the most unique aspect of all is… it has a treehouse meeting area above the private phone booths!

Recent years have seen the rise of coworking spaces. Even the pandemic didn’t hamper growth - if anything, the remote working new normal has boosted the concept. It has even cemented its place in the conventional business world as companies rapidly shift to more flexible working arrangements. Coworking spaces provide unlimited versatility, agility and cost savings, especially to new startups, small businesses, digital nomads and solopreneurs.

What used to be a trend is now a dynamic industry that’s running at full tilt.

And it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

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