Inject Some Color Into Your Room With an Area Rug

Posted On Friday, 10 September 2021 21:26

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Rugs can be game-changers on how a space looks and feels. They can either quietly sit in harmony with warm neutral colors or add an element of surprise with bold patterns and textures. Whatever your goal may be, an area rug is an excellent way to inject some color into any room. 

Add Color While Defining Spaces 

Runners and area rugs are great ways to add color to a room while defining individual spaces. They can also add character and warmth to corridors and hallways so they don't become dead space. The right hallway runner can turn a dark, unwelcoming space into a visual pathway making each room flow from one to another while your eye is guided from one space to the next.  

A hall runner made from the same carpet you have in a room or on stairs can create a cohesive feel and look while a contrasting one can help to transition color and pattern into connecting living rooms and dining rooms where you may have a bolder statement area rug.  

Spaces that tend to be more neutral, like kitchens, can use a kitchen area rug to introduce not only pattern and color but also practical comfort and textural warmth. 

Reinforce Your Design Scheme and Personal Style

When selecting the right area rug for your room, consider other elements of the room's design scheme including color. Choosing a rug that shares design elements of the room will help reinforce the cohesive look and feel of the room. The right area rug can accentuate a room's style, adding warmth and depth with the right color palette that is complementing the rest of the area. 

If you are feeling really brave, there is no better way to introduce a fun pattern than through a rug, and much easier than decorating the walls. When entering a room, having a pattern below your visual field helps make the room feel less intrusive and can introduce patterns into neutral areas while showcasing your personal character and design style. 

Use as Pieces of Art 

Sometimes, you stumble upon a piece of tapestry just too gorgeous lay on the floor to have people routinely walk across. In this case, making it a piece of art to enjoy may be the perfect solution! 

Rugs have been works of art in their own right for years. Not only do they provide a decorative element to a room, but they can also help in absorbing sound when hung on a wall between adjoining rooms. 

Regardless of the color or pattern you are introducing, finding the right size area rug is essential. Rugs should be large enough so all four legs of all furniture pieces fit on the rug. Layering and angling duplicate rugs on top of each other are another way to create an artistic look to an open-plan space. This is a great option if you are struggling to locate a larger rug that will bring color into a room without appearing too small for the room.

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