5 Nashville Suburbs for a Pain-Free Commute to Work

Posted On Monday, 04 October 2021 20:03

Nashville has a lot to offer, whether you’re into music, professional football, beautiful neighborhoods, or good food. Nashville is home to countless reputable universities, too. However, the city’s draws make it one of Tennessee’s most expensive cities.

Thankfully, you don’t have to live right within “Music City” to benefit from all it offers. Even if you work in the city, there are plenty of affordable, charming suburbs within commuting distance. Being so close to the central city, these suburbs are packed with malls, restaurants, and some of the best schools in the country.

Consider the Nashville suburbs as an alternative to the bustling city lifestyle. Opt for something more relaxed and have the city just a short drive away whenever you want some adventure. Regardless of where you choose, you can’t go wrong living next to Nashville, one of America’s most vibrant cities.


Home to around 40,000 residents, Brentwood boasts a nationally ranked school district and plenty of things to do while still retaining a small-town atmosphere. Brentwood contains plenty of shopping options and parks and greenways interwoven among houses in the area for those looking to spend more time in nature. Additionally, the John P. Holt Brentwood Library is a hub for community activity where many families spend time.

Brentwood sits right along Interstate 65, meaning the commute time to your Nashville office could be as low as 20 minutes, making this an ideal suburb should you want to travel into Nashville regularly.

The average price of a home in Brentwood is $500,000.


If you’re someone who likes to have options for their commute, look no further than Williamson County’s Nolensville suburb. With quick access to Interstate 65, Highway 41, and Interstate 24, this suburb allows you to beat the traffic or take the route you prefer on your way to and from work. The average commute from Nolensville is typically between 30 to 45 minutes.

Nolensville is a bit further south, nestled just beside Brentwood. Although growing steadily, Nolensville is home to only 6,000 residents. This charming, rural-feeling suburb truly encapsulates a small-town vibe for those who seek a tighter-knit community. With a quaint downtown, Nolensville offers locally sourced produce, food options, and lovely furniture.

This is your town if you like family-owned restaurants, small businesses, and specialty stores. On the lower end, homes in Nolensville sell for just under $500,000, while many homes range over $1,000,000.


Due east of Nashville, Lebanon is home to prime attractions like the Outlet Marketplace and the Watertown Stardust Drive-In movie theater. With easy access to Interstate 40, this is another town just a short drive outside of Nashville. It rests about 25 miles away from the bustling city, but the slightly longer commute comes with more affordable homes.

Home prices range from $200,000 to $750,000, depending on which neighborhoods you’re browsing. There are plenty of homes on the lower end, making this suburb a terrific, affordable option for those with a lower budget.

Lebanon has quickly risen to a top consideration for Middle Tennessee home buyers. With a low crime rate and high quality of life, Lebanon appeals to nearly anyone in the market for a new home near the city, young or old.


Famously known as the “city by the lake,” Hendersonville has built its reputation in part on Hickory Lake, home to fishing, boating, and kayaking opportunities. The beautiful scenic views in Hendersonville offer plenty to do for outdoorsy types seeking to take advantage of the gorgeous Tennesee summer climate.

Many celebrities have called Hendersonville home over the years, including Johnny and June Carter Cash, who lived here for over 35 years—their home is still a popular tourist attraction.

With a population of around 60,000, Sumner County’s Hendersonville is perfect for you if you want a larger community that emulates some of the feels of being in the city. Like many on this list, Hendersonville is only a quick trip on I-65 into Nashville for a commute averaging around 30 minutes.

Cool Springs

Snuggled between the southern suburbs of Franklin and Brentwood lies Cool Springs, just 10 miles outside of Nashville. Cool Springs is home to the region’s largest indoor mall, the Cool Springs Galleria. With many stores, theaters, and restaurants, the Cool Springs Mall is a bastion of culture and activity on weekends and even some weeknights.

 Located alongside Interstate 65, Cool Springs is about as close to Nashville as any suburb gets, with an average commute of 20 minutes. You can easily venture into the city or hang around after work to grab dinner or drinks before heading home.

Due to its proximity to the bustling city center, homes in this well-established community are on the more expensive end and likewise competitively priced. You may find homes in the $500,000 range, but most properties sell for $600,000 to $800,000.

Take Advantage of All Nashville Offers From Just Down the Road

Whether you want a larger suburb or something more quaint and laid back, the Nashville Metropolitan Area has a lot to offer. If busy city life isn’t for you, venture out of the city limits and explore the numerous suburbs this region has to offer. Enjoy the city as much as you please from the comfort of your suburban home.

Because of the competitive nature of each district and county, all the suburbs we listed have excellent public and private schools to consider. Additionally, being so close to the city gives you the unique ability to straddle a peaceful life while always being able to dip into something more urban whenever you want.

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the big city keep you away. Find an affordable home in one of Nashville’s charming suburbs and take advantage of one of the most exciting cities in the United States.

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