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How to Promote Real Estate Using Business Cards

Posted On Wednesday, 06 October 2021 21:45

Business cards help promote your work in any sphere, including real estate. In recent times, competition in real estate has drastically increased, which has made marketing yourself even more important. Now, the normal business card is different from a business card that you’d use to promote your real estate business. 

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about real estate business cards and how to leverage them to your advantage.

Purpose of Business Cards in Real Estate 

Business cards serve several purposes. Since there are so many real estate agents, you should be able to stand out. Networking is half the game in real estate, for which you’d require your own business card. A well-designed and thought out business card will not only help to fend off potential agents from existing clients but also attract new clientele and effectively expand your real estate business.

Design Your Real Estate Business Card 

If you want to know how to promote real estate using your business card, you need to know how to use the design to your advantage. After all, the design of your business card says a lot about you, as a real estate agent, and your business, your real estate agency.

Whatever your purpose is, it should be loud and clear, so you are able to attract the right kind of audience to market and expand your real estate business.

Make it Readable 

The first step to promoting real estate is by keeping your business card simple, concise and to the point. When it comes to real estate business cards, we reckon the simpler, the better. Don’t be afraid to leave white space-it will help the potential client mark why they think you’d make a suitable real estate agent for them.

Add At least 3 Ways to Contact You 

As a real estate agency or agent, you’re probably vying for the same set of buyers and sellers. This is why you should make yourself as reachable and available as possible. Since the real estate market is so fast-paced, a potential client may end up giving another agent a call if you aren’t available. This is why you should have at least 3 ways to contact you on the business card. This could be your phone number, email address and social media handle. 

Add Your Logo 

If you want to market your real estate business, you should ensure that your business card includes your agency’s logo as well as your website. This is very important! This will, in a way, imprint your business in the mind of clients. Make sure that the website that is linked to your business card has all the information a potential client would need. Remember, you want to make yourself as accessible as possible! 

Add a QR Code 

Given today’s digital age, any promotion should include the latest technological advancements. Therefore, your real estate business card should include a QR code. This will help promote your real estate agency in the long run. Remember, clients might receive so many business cards that they might not save all of them. They might also lose some. If your card has a scannable QR code, this means you’ve already secured a safe spot in the potential client’s phone. 

Your QR code could also link to your social media handles, website or an upcoming event, which will help promote your business further. 

Distribute Your Real Estate Business Card 

While you have a great real estate business card, its distribution will decide how effective your promotion is. You should always have your business card with you when you go networking, which is very important in the competitive world of real estate. 

Strike a Conversation

Gone are the days when you’d just hand over a business card to a potential client. Bear in mind that this particular client may have already received many other real estate business cards, so how do you ensure yours is the one that secures a safe spot in their wallet?

For this, you should first strike up a conversation with this potential client. You should then proceed to hand over your business card as the conversation draws to a close. Basically, you should strive to make yourself memorable before you hand over your card. 

Leverage Your Sphere 

If you have your business card handy for distribution in your sphere will boost chances of referrals, which are highly regarded in real estate. Don’t just pass your card on relevant events but take advantage of naturally arising opportunities when someone is talking about real estate. This way, people are more likely to take an interest in what you’re saying, increasing chances of effective promotion.

Final Word 

Business cards have several advantages as they can be used to promote your real estate business. Start by designing a readable real estate business card and then move on to the right way of distributing your card for the successful marketing of your occupation.

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