How to increase the value of your home with furniture

Posted On Friday, 08 October 2021 12:01

Selling a house in a tough market can be a nightmare, especially if you want to sell at the best price possible. Now, while renovations and detailed maintenance can make a positive difference, a simpler way to increase the value of your home is to fit it with furniture that enhances its appeal. 

Using furniture to stage a home is an age-old realty trick that’s proven to work time and time again. However, fixing furniture to a building or using it to “trick the eye” can entice potential buyers even further.

…. Ways to use furniture to increase the value of your home and make it sell faster:

Make a room appear larger than it really is

It’s no secret that “size” sells. To make a room appear larger than it is, you can apply 2 clever tricks –

  1. Fit the furniture to scale. What we mean by this is that you need to make sure that the proportions of your furniture coordinate with the proportions of the room. This will help to make a space feel uncluttered, roomy, and pleasant. 
  2. Take full advantage of mirrors. Mirrors have multiple uses. They help you to keep your appearance in check and they make great décor pieces. They can also be used to reflect light so that a room feels brighter and larger. Mirrored wardrobes are also a great choice.

While the actual square footage of a house is the factor that will directly affect the price, perception can be a powerful thing. If you can make a space seem larger than it is, then a buyer may find potential in the property, thus increasing the chances of a sale.  

Add custom wardrobes to the bedrooms

A large, functional walk-in or permanent customised wardrobe can add value to any house. It’s a luxury that excites potential buyers. What’s great is that installing such a unit doesn’t have to be costly and finding an affordable solution that still has a high-end look is not difficult – a quick browse online will confirm this. 

Stacks of fancy wardrobes in a home can also help with our next suggestion…

When it comes to storage, the more the better

There is no such thing as too much storage. Buyers who are scouting for a new home are looking for a property that’s going to make life comfortable and easy. This makes multiple storage options a top priority because it leaves interested buyers with one last thing to worry about. Quality permanent storage fixtures can also instantaneously up the value of your property. 

Storage solutions that can help to close a sale include built-in wardrobes, permanent shelving, an under-the-stairs storeroom, vanity cabinets in bathrooms, and clean mold-free attics and basements. 

Update your bathroom

While bathrooms are the smallest space in a home and are often an afterthought, an attractive well-kitted washing space can complete the appeal of a home without breaking the bank. Beautiful vanity units, medicine cabinets, and bathroom shelves aren’t hard to come by and they can even be bought second-hand (barring that they are still in a good condition). 

Buy some rugs

Modern throw rugs can be used to easily cover up stains on a carpet or cracked tiles, they can also brighten up a room so that it’s cheerier and more appealing to its guest. An attractive and interesting rug can even be hung on a wall as an artwork display and can be used to encourage a cosey atmosphere. 

Make sure your furniture complements your location

If you are trying to sell a beach home, make sure that your furniture fits the setting (think whitewashed wood and blue trimmings). Why? Because people who are looking to buy a beach home want the property to look and feel like a beach home. Dark country furniture simply won’t complement the setting. 

The same goes for farm homes, where sleek contemporary furniture may look awkward. Remember, most buyers are looking at your location for a reason and they are more likely going to want a home that completes the experience they had in mind than not. 

Filling your home with the right type of furniture is not just about covering up cracks in the wall or stains on the carpet – or about making a room seem larger. It also helps to create the right type of atmosphere so that viewers feel emotionally drawn to your property. The more they love it, the happier they’ll be to match your asking price. 

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