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5 Important Items To Include In Your Home-Seller Checklist

Posted On Monday, 11 October 2021 22:30

Typically, selling a home can be an overwhelming undertaking. It requires a lot of planning and preparation to get this job done right. Also, if you want to make the most out of its sale price, you need to be prepared throughout the process. Luckily, using a home-seller checklist can help keep you on track and stay ahead of the game.  

Thus, if you're selling your home anytime soon, below are the five essential items you need to include in your home-seller checklist: 

1. Understanding Your Home's Value 

Knowing and understanding your home's fair market value is one of the essential things you need to include in your checklist. You may be unable to effectively sell your residential property if you have no idea how much it's worth. To determine your home's value before the home sale process begins, you may need to do the following: 

  • Compare your property to others based on certain factors, including age, amenities, square footage, upgrades, and many more.  
  • Take note of your home's location and condition to know if you can price it higher.  
  • Calculate your home equity to help you get the right price for your residential property. Home equity refers to the current market value of your home, deducted with the money you owe.  

2. Carrying Out The Necessary Repairs 

If you want to sell your residential property as quickly as possible, you need to make it move-in ready. That's because most homebuyers want to buy homes that are already functional and cosmetically attractive. This means your property should be in good working condition, such as having a sound house structure and a dwelling free from damage.  

Because of this, it's essential to include some necessary home repairs in your seller checklist. These can include:  

  • Repairing roof leaks 
  • Refinishing the deck 
  • Cleaning or replacing flooring
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint 
  • Repairing broken fixtures 
  • Replacing broken appliances, and many more 


As you can see, you need to carry out some home repairs to increase the odds of getting your home sold in the market. However, if you don’t have enough money to cover the repair costs of your home, say, in Lakeville, it can be a good idea to work with cash home buyers like Mill City Home Buyers. They can buy homes on an as-is-where-is basis for instant cash, which means no repairs are needed before you can close a deal.  

3. Hiring Of A Real Estate Agent  

The next item in your home-seller checklist is the hiring of a real estate agent or realtor. While you can always choose to sell your property on your own, working with a real estate professional can help you go through with the traditional selling process, and make it a seamless one. Generally, they can assist you in the following ways: 

  • They can help you list your home at the right time by considering variables such as local buying trends, fluctuating interest rates, and many more.  
  • They can conduct local market comparisons and help you spot disparities in the selling prices to price your residential property accordingly.  
  • They can also help assess your home for any issues by advising you what to address before listing it in the market. 

4. Finances 

Selling a home also comes with several costs. Unfortunately, these expenses may cause a financial burden on your end if you don't prepare for them properly. Thus, if you want to put your property in the market without financial problems, you need to have a sufficient budget in place. To help you set up a budget accordingly, the following things should be kept in mind:  

  • Repair and home improvement costs 
  • Expenses for staging your home 
  • Taxes, such as the capital gains tax and the transfer tax 
  • Mortgage payoff costs 
  • Broker commission fees, and many more  


Indeed, it's crucial to have a budget so you can cover all the expenses associated with home selling. However, if you want to save yourself from the financial headache, you can look for effective ways to avoid some home seller costs throughout the process.  

5. Marketing Strategy  

In most cases, you need a marketing strategy to sell a home within a certain time. Given the stiff competition in the real estate market, you may require some marketing practices to ensure a smooth home sale process. These things can help make your home more appealing to potential homebuyers. To successfully market your property, you may consider the following steps: 

  • Take professional photos of your home for listing purposes 
  • Create posters of your home to be put up on the local bulletin boards 
  • Create a social media page 
  • Post about your house for sale on different digital marketplaces 


As enumerated, there are some things you need to include in your marketing plan. When you know how to market your home, you don't need to wait for a long time before it gets sold. And you can take advantage of its sale price.  

Bottom Line  

There are many things to do during the home selling process. But by including these items in your home-seller checklist, you can have a hassle-free experience right from the start. Remember, with all your tasks in one place, you'll be on your road toward a successful home sale.  

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