14 Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges

Posted On Wednesday, 20 October 2021 20:10

Granite is one of the top choices for countertop materials these days, and it's easy to see why. Granite is durable, versatile, and comes in many colors. However, one thing that many people are curious about is which type of edge would be best suited with this countertop.

Since there are too many of them to even count on your fingers, the decision-making process can make anyone’s head spin. This blog post will go over the most popular granite countertop edges that are in trend nowadays so you can decide which one best fits your needs!

Quartz is another popular countertop material for which there are several beautiful edge profiles to choose from. Check out this quartz edge guide by Caesarstone to find the countertop edge that suits your style.

Granite Countertop Edges: Most Popular Choices 

1. Full Bullnose:

A full bullnose is the most basic type of granite countertop edge and is fully curved. This option gives you a clean, symmetrical look with no visible seams at all on your counters. Also, it's very easy to maintain.

2. Half Bullnose:

A half bullnose allows for more variation in design since there are two different levels; one side has an elevated profile while the other remains flat. Because this type of edge covers less surface area than other edges do, it may save you some money as well!

3. Beveled Edges:

Beveled edges give your kitchen or bathroom that classic vintage feel without being too over-the-top fancy or ornate. The beveling creates ridged lines which can help make your space feel more open and airy.

4. Mitered Edge:

If you would like an edge with a unique flair, then mitered edge may be the choice for you! It makes the countertop slabs appear thicker than they are, setting them as the focal point of your kitchen. The corners of these types of counters can either form straight lines or acute angles.

5. Scalloped Sink Edge:

Scalloped sink edges are becoming ever-popular in bathrooms and kitchens since they provide a unique look that you just don't see in most homes these days. If you're looking for something truly different than what everyone else has, consider getting scallops on all four sides of your sink.

6. Banded Countertop Edge:

Banding is a great way to add color and pattern to your granite countertops (with or without existing edges) without having to do anything too drastic with the design.

It's also easy enough for most DIYers to accomplish on their own so it makes this type of edge ideal if you need something different but don't want to break the bank.

7. Convex Edge:

A convex profile gives your kitchen or bathroom counters an extra touch of detail that can really up the ante when it comes down to giving your space style, flare, and pizzazz.

This type of edge adds just another layer onto all of our already popular styles listed above which makes them even better than they were before.

8. Square Edge:

A square edge granite countertop is a wonderful option if you want to keep it basic yet attractive. This finishing technique gives your countertop a streamlined contemporary appearance.

The edges are intentionally curved for safety reasons, resulting in kerfs or flat edges. Plus, this edge style is adaptable and space-saving, which is ideal for tiny kitchen areas.

9. Chiseled Edge:

A chiseled edge is a great option if you like the look of natural stone and want to add depth and texture around your sink or stove.

It's often used in bathrooms because it creates an organic feel. These edges look as if they were not precisely cut, but rather broken off. However, keep in mind that this requires more upkeep than other edges.

10. Ogee Edge:

Ogee edges are great for adding formality or sophistication to any kitchen or bathroom design. This type of edge gives off a vintage vibe while also providing depth to your counter with its inner detail lines.

If you're looking for something truly elegant without going over the top, ogee edges are perfect for you.

11. Waterfall Countertop:

Waterfall edges are best for creating a sleek, polished look in your kitchen or bathroom. The natural veins and ridges of your granite countertop will be enhanced with this edge treatment.

We recommend using this style on natural stones like granite because their smaller size makes seams more noticeable so the waterfall edge will provide them with a seamless flow down towards the floor.

12. Half Inch Bevel:

The half-inch bevel is a good choice for individuals who don't want a flat or rounded look. This pattern features a bevel on the top edge of the counter and adds visual texture and appeal to it.

It's an excellent choice for designs with a lot of clean lines. The half-inch bevel is a budget-friendly edge that can offer a modern look without costing you an arm and leg.

13. Rounded Top Edges:

A rounded top has always been one of our favorite types of edges because it's truly timeless when done properly with any design style.

This type of edge makes your countertops feel more approachable and inviting which is another great benefit to having this kind of profile.

14. Eased Edge:

Easing at the end of your granite countertops gives you that seamless finish that makes it look like one uniform piece instead of having individual pieces all together. This can help make your space feel more uniform and polished overall.

Furthermore, it will give your kitchen a clean, streamlined look while still providing some texture. This option won't stand out quite as much as other edges do, but it also requires very minimal maintenance which makes it an attractive choice for many people.


Finding the right edge for your granite countertops can be a difficult task since there are so many different types to choose from. But the most popular granite countertop edges we’ve mentioned above are all you need to pull the trigger on your next countertop edge style.

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