The Top 11 Denver Interior Designers

Posted On Wednesday, 20 October 2021 20:15

Denver is full of exciting new possibilities as a city on the rise with year-over-year economic and population growth. As a bustling urban center, Denver has attracted design talent from all over the country. 

This article discusses the top 11 Denver interior designers. If you’re looking for an innovative design experience with professionals who commit to open and clear communication, look no further. There is someone on this list for everyone, no matter your taste. 

1. Brayton Interiors 

Julie Brayton is the Principal Designer at Brayton Interiors in Denver. Her extensive experience with Architectural Digest Top 100 designers developed her approach to interior design and she adheres to classic design principles. Julie also has an extensive background in art history and a passion for worldwide travel, having established relationships with an exclusive global network of artisans and vendors. 

2. Andrea Schumacher

Andrea Schumacker combines a unique skillset with residential, commercial, and set design. From online interior design options to real estate brokerage services, Schumacher’s design studio is one of the more prominent and recognizable in Denver. Her designers help a wide range of clients create functional, beautiful designs and they have achieved a number of design awards since 2013. 

3. Duet Design Group

Duet Design Group is comprised of Miranda Cullen and Devon Tobin. With 30 years of design experience, Duet Design Group offers commercial, model home, and residential interior design services. The mission of the Duet Design Group is to form a bridge between interior design and the general public, fostering a more inclusive approach to interior design. 

4. Laura Medicus 

This talented Denver-based designer, Laura Medicus, helps both local and nationwide clients. Her approach to interior design centers around your house being a place that tells a lot about your lifestory. She strives to create the feeling of home for all of her clients. Kitchen design is a particular passion of hers and she gives more decorating tips via her blog. 

5. Megan Garrett

Architect and interior designer Megan Garrett draws inspiration from her clients and how they experience their space from a design perspective. Her design approach is very much tied to the feelings a space sparks rather than strict adherence to design theory. Megan has ample experience in both commercial, residential, and multi-family design and she receives motivation from the full realization of her clients’ goals despite design constraints. 

6. Post 31 Interiors

Post 31 Interiors is a luxury design firm in Denver and Memphis that tailors to specific client needs and budget concerns. It accepts jobs of all types, from whole renovations to kitchens and children’s rooms. Their design approach makes creating relaxed moments are the focal points of the space. 

7. Rowland+Broughton

Rowland + Broughton prides itself on its progressive approach to design. It has studios in both Aspen and Denver and they combine both urban and mountain-town design elements to enhance a wide range of design projects that include custom residential, hospitality, interior design, and master planning. R+B’s design philosophy combines architecture, landscape, planning, interior design, and urban planning and they understand that each of these principles depends on the other. 

8. Studio Thomas 

Kristen Thomas, Principal designer at Studio Thomas started her career in real estate. But home building quickly turned into interior design given her keen eye for detail and aesthetics. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the design industry and she combined her education with experience to start her own design firm in 2013. She is most comfortable with clean and modern architecture and focuses on the beauty of architecture and the simplicity it provides. 

9. Nancy Sanford

With over twenty years of interior decorator experience, Nancy Sanford prides herself on helping clients discover their true passions. Whether designing a single room, home, or commercial space, Nancy shares her vision and uses colors, patterns, and styles to renovate and reimagine residential or commercial spaces in the Denver and Mountain areas. Her passion for art and travel influences her design the most. 

10. Nadia Watts

Nadia Watts specializes in renovating historical homes, while retaining their vintage character. She brings homes into the 21st century while keeping their allure and historical integrity. She applies her meticulous attention to detail to every job she completes and she has earned multiple publications and awards commending her on the level of precision in her classical designs. Nadia is as valuable an addition to the Denver design community as any. 

11. Dragonfly Designs

One of the smaller design firms on this list, Dragonfly Designs brings your a tireless devotion to your design project. Larger firms may have a tendency to lose your project in the shuffle. With a smaller firm, you get the guaranteed focus from a premier designer. They commit to expedient project times and consistent results. WIth their clean design lines, comfortable fabrics, and organic textures, Dragonfly’s interiors project a sophisticated and comfortable design experience. 

Conclusion- The Top 11 Denver Interior Designers 

Interior design is a field that can breed imposters. When it comes to your home or commercial interior, however, you can’t afford to leave things up to chance. The Denver designers on this list are sure-fire bets to turn your space into something immersive and exciting. Regardless of your taste, these designers can deliver

Whether you want simple and functional or vibrant and ornate, a Denver designer on this list can help you achieve your design goals. 

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