How to hire a public adjuster?

Posted On Friday, 03 December 2021 19:57

You have worked hard to buy and maintain your home and when something goes wrong with it, it can be financially and emotionally devastating. Leaky roofs, faulty ventilation systems, and construction flaws can wreak havoc in a home and your insurance company may be slow to pay, stingy with a settlement amount, or unwilling to pay at all.

When you have a major homeowner’s insurance claim in the State of Illinois, it is wise to hire a public adjuster to analyze the damage to your home. You can hire a public adjuster by doing a Google search and finding an Illinois adjuster who is trained in home inspections. 

A public adjuster can let you know what your claim is actually worth and if an insurance company is being honest with you. You will start the process by submitting your claim to the public adjuster for review.

What is an insurance adjuster?

When a person makes an insurance claim on their home or has a car accident, they will contact their insurance company and let them know what happened. The person will then be required to send in proof of their claim. 

When a person makes a claim on their homeowner’s insurance, the evidence they provide will include estimates from contractors and video of the damage done to the property. 

When the insurance company receives the documentation, it will be assigned to an adjuster. An adjuster will investigate the claim and make sure it is legitimate. They will do this by calling the contractors you have consulted to make sure that the documentation is correct. They will also review the video that you sent to them. 

A professional adjuster will be well versed in the cost of home repair. They will also be a licensed insurance policy professional who will know what damages are covered by your policies and which are not covered.

The Different Kinds of Adjusters

An insurance company employs its own adjusters. Public adjusters are hired by people who are filing insurance claims. 

An insurance company makes money by selling policies. When they have to pay for those policies, they lose money. Like any other business, an insurance provider wants to hold on to its profits.

An adjuster who works for an insurance company may try to look for a way to cut corners on your home repair. They may seek out the cheapest contractors and materials when putting together a settlement offer, or they might claim that your policy does not cover something that it should. In some cases, an adjuster is a direct employee of the company, and in other cases, they are a contractor who works for a third party.

According to, a  public adjuster will work for you. They can help you with the complex paperwork needed to file a claim. They will know the exact documentation an insurance company’s adjuster will look at when they investigate a claim, and they will understand the missing details that can slow a claim down. They can advocate for you if the insurance company should try to short-change you.

When you need home repairs, it is natural to want to get things taken care of a soon as possible and just call the insurance company directly. However, it is always worth it to hire a public adjuster first. When you have a trained professional on your side, you are more likely to get the kind of settlement you need to make your home the beautiful and safe place it should be.

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