How Cutting-Edge Real Estate Tech is helping Independent Brokerages Level the Playing Field and Compete at Scale

Posted On Wednesday, 15 December 2021 20:54

Khaled Yatim, Co-Founder of NILE, comes from a family of academics but has been obsessed with real estate from an early age. Yatim acquired his real estate license at age 18. He went on to become the youngest broker of record in California at age 20. He sold $500 million of real estate throughout his short career.

Yatim has been on all sides of the real estate transactions, from buying agent to listing agent, house flipper, and software developer. This success and experience led Yatim to his interest in real estate technologies, the mechanics of a transaction, and the business of real estate. He was primed for a very specific niche.

While working on the development side of the industry, Yatim saw how streamlined the transaction process could be. This led to the generation of the NILE suite of technology.

His founding partner, Tim Helfrey believes in transforming the industry, and Yatim’s enthusiasm is what got him on board. They want to “transform the transaction,” and that is exactly what their technology does.

Tim Helfrey has a proven history of success in his first startup, Strike Social, a digital marketing  company he co-founded prior to NILE. Tim played a leading role in building products that gave clients unique insights about their marketing campaigns, additionally, his success in web traffic and conversions at Strike has translated well into creating NILE’s feature of increasing sales leads for agents.

The combination of the two’s skillsets blend perfectly to create NILE, the modern real estate platform that streamlines, automates, and speeds up the process of home selling.

Modern Technology for Classic Brokerages

NILE’s ‘Organize, Bid, and Close’ software streamlines the residential real estate sale process from weeks to as little as five days. Previously, when a real estate agent went through a traditional brokerage, the brokerage took 10 to 30 percent of the transaction. NILE charges a flat-rate success fee of $1500 per closing sale.

“There are misconceptions in the industry that new technologies will displace agents or eliminate brokerages, but our company will help elevate them. We know that real estate transactions are a human-to-human experience. Many top-selling agents and brokerages are using our technology to enhance the transaction experience today, and more into the future and beyond,” said Yatim. “Our company will help them surpass their goals. We are here to deliver an extraordinary experience for agents; to help them deliver equally as extraordinary experiences for their clients. Tech-enabled agents are the future of top-selling producers.”

The NILE platform aims to improve the real estate industry by empowering independent agents and brokerages to far outperform their competitors. The platform is built on cutting-edge blockchain technology and implements a ‘list-sell-close’ system with 'smart-contracts' to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on each transaction.

NILE enables agents and brokerages to be in full control of their process because the platform is the digital assistant they always wanted. NILE’s software manages a property from listing to close, streamlines the paperwork in under 20 minutes, and gets sellers the highest price for their home. In a traditional transaction, the seller is inundated with multiple pain points of paperwork. They approve and sign listing agreements, disclosures, offers, counter offers, and escrow documents and amendments. This process not only takes the pain away from the process for the sellers but also gives the real estate agent more time to focus on their business and not push paper around. We think this process is revolutionary and will eliminate the friction for sellers, make the process easier and more enjoyable and ultimately, provide more inventory for buyers in the marketplace. 

It also includes showing management, a five-minute offer process, and speedy counter-offer capabilities. The system increases agents' deals and closings by 50% in their first year alone.

“There are misconceptions about technology in the industry that if the process is made easier, agents will no longer be relevant. That is not true. The fact is when friction is removed from a process the volume of transactions will dramatically increase. This has been proven in many industries such as stock trading, payments, delivery apps, and transportation,” said Yatim.

To take advantage of NILE’s revolutionary real estate software, please schedule a demo session at or visit 

About NILE

NILE is a revolutionary real estate software that is empowering agents in the real estate home selling process. The software arms agents with an all-in-one platform to close deals faster and sell at a higher rate. The company has recently been featured in TechCrunch and Market Watch. For more information, please visit

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