How to Wash Couch Cushion Covers the Easy Way

Posted On Wednesday, 19 January 2022 19:30

As couch covers is a vital part of couch, so it must be taken care of. But most couch covers are machine washable and the washing process is easy as throwing your bed sheet in the washer. In this article you will find tips to wash couch cushion covers safely and beautifully as new without any damage.

Washing couch is not as challenging as it seems to be- if you have the right information about the fabric couch cover is made from, with what detergent, at what temperature they can withstand etc. Some couch covers may shrink after a single gentle cycle wash with hot water but completely dry too soon with a damp cloth or towel on top before getting dry inside out completely. This leaves behind water spot which makes your couch look worse. 

Here are some tips for couch covers washing.

  • First of all, determine the couch cover fabric content to make sure it can withstand gentle cycle washes with cold water without shrinking or getting lint ball stuck on the couch. Make sure the couch isn't made from suede or silk fabrics as these cannot be machine washed at home and require dry cleaning only.
  • Use warm water in the machine and choose a mild detergent which is safe for couch fabric type. Dryer will help your couch cover remain same in appearance after every wash but certain couch covers may shrink a little if washed with hot temperature that may not return to original size ever after running through dryer again. Always read labels to check what temperature your couch cover can withstand.
  • Suede couch covers are difficult to wash at home and recommended to be dry cleaned only. It can cost you more than couch itself if it gets damaged by machine or hand washing in low quality detergents. So it's better to take professional help for couch covers with suede content to get your couch back to original appearance without spending extra bucks.
  • Don't forget the fabric couch cover is made from before running through washer. Take care of it while throwing into washer, especially velvet couch covers should not rub against each other as they are made from delicate fabric that cannot handle friction on its pile surface which might damage the couch after few washes.
  • Make sure to sort out your clothes according to couch cover fabric content. For couch covers made from nylon or polyester, you should use warm water in the washer instead of hot to avoid shrinkage.
  • Finally dry couch covers with other couch cushions but not on sun as it may fade away colors and couch corners because drying takes long time without air circulation inside out which could damage couch covers over time. Drying your couch cover in shade is always best idea than direct sunlight exposure even if you have used mild detergent for couch cover washing at home. It's important to note that only machine washable can be washed at home while hand washable requires professional dry cleaning service to keep the couch appearance same every time after washing.


Q. How often couch covers need to be dry cleaned?

A. In most cases couch covers can withstand at least 4-5 gentle cycle washes with cold water only after which they require dry cleaning which may cost you few bucks more that couch it but saves your couch from damage over time.

Q. What are the things one should know before getting their couch cushions/covers dry cleaned?

A. Ask for couch cover fabric content, how it will be handled during chemical wash process and whether the couch cover will shrink or not after washing, what detergent will be used for washer etc. to avoid couch cover damage caused by low quality dry cleaning service.

Q. So what are you waiting for? 

Take care of couch covers the way you take care of your couch itself to keep it look new always. Here are some DIY tips for couch covers which can help you know whether they can be machine washed (with or without shrinkage) or not before running through washer. These tests will also determine that how often couch covers need dry cleaning and many more useful things about couch covers washing, caring etc.

Q. Does the couch cover fabric content shrink after gentle cycle wash with cold water?

It means your couch cover is safe with machine washable only and requires dry cleaning 4-5 times minimum before next gentle cycle wash again to keep its couch appearance same always.


Machine washable couch covers can be washed by machine with or without shrinkage while hand washable couch covers need to dry cleaned only after every gentle cycle wash to keep couch appearance same.

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