The Affects Of casino on the real estate market around it

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A lot men and women enjoy going to the casino every once in a while. Of course, we are talking about the real casino or land-based, brick and mortar casinos where real gambling takes place.

Another place for gambling in the USA takes place, however, is on the internet. On the world wide web, there are tons of online casino games to choose from, and there is also one problem that online casino sites do not have that casinos tend to have. The problem that we are talking about right now is of course the fact that there are always issues with the real estate market around actual land based casinos.

The Affects Of casino on the real estate market around it


Let’s talk about what the effects are when a real land based casino is about to be built somewhere. Of course, we already know where a lot of the most popular land based casinos are located in the United States in this day and age. We are of course talking about Atlantic City in New Jersey on the east coast and out west, we are talking about Las Vegas, Nevada.

These are both places where casinos are really big and fancy. But the real estate in these areas is both hurting a ton. Why you ask? Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that the housing market is not what it used to be anyway. We are seeing a lot of houses go under just because the economy is not doing too well.

But there are other things going on as well. People just do not like to live near casinos. It is not that crazy to think about. Consider where casinos are and what goes on around them. First, they are usually located by bars and restaurants and hotels that are open almost all night. Next, they have a lot of drinking in them and of course gambling, which people do not tend to like to live next to. Sure, they themselves may enjoy visiting and gambling at land based brick and mortar casinos from time to time, but that does not mean that they are excited about living next to one. People want to sleep!

Which beings us to our next point: casinos tend to have tons of huge lights and a lot of noise. They always have shows going on with people coming and going both on foot and of course in cars. This just adds to the overall commotion and noise in the area which again people do not want to live next to in their homes.

If you are going to start looking for a house soon, make sure that you don’t look at real estate land that is next to a casino and just stick to online casino gaming if you play! It’s much easier!

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