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Written by Posted On Friday, 30 October 2015 21:18

The bar keeps getting higher. It used to be that real estate agents were listed on their broker’s website and that was good enough. But, then came the pressure for realtors to have to have their own websites. Many have caved into that pressure, the need to stand out from their competitors - expenses be damned. But, now it seems that even that piece of cyber real estate is not enough.

The search tool is becoming more and more common on realtor sites, and we wondered whether this was a help or a hindrance to realtors.

The National Association of Realtors has determined that 90 % of prospective buyers start their search online. Why not? It’s free, simple, a great way to collect information, and a way to do this research while remaining anonymous.

Search tools can allow your prospective clients to see what you’ve got available. And they can query this in off-hours, and even while you are sound asleep.

But, it goes further than this. Some realtors also consider adding a search tool as part of their marketing strategy. If it’s part of your search engine optimization, and it can be, then this gizmo can help index your site and make great friends with search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This is to your advantage, because it can help point home-hunters in your direction. The fact remains that most people don’t search much past the first page or so of any search engine, so SEO remains important. And although the prospective buyer can search your listings while remaining anonymous, there are ways to promote yourself back to them. Employing these tactics will help you build leads.

A search tool can also help to establish you as an expert. It says that you are a professional who knows the market. It shows that you care enough to provide free information and that is what is expected of any expert. This is another way that you can stand out against other agents. Many believe that such tools add to an agent’s credibility. After all, if you are a great realtor, then surely you’re working on some great properties, right? People want to see.

What does your web site say about who you are? Choosing the right website design and tools can help put you in front of your competition. We recommend hiring a web designer or design company that is experienced in the real estate niche. It will require an investment but it’s one that could take your business to the next level. And remember, if you need a little help with cash-flow to move your business forward, AEF offer cash advances against your commission cheques as well as micro-loans.


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