What’s to Love About Medway Massachusetts Real Estate

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From its small size to its quaint downtown, Medway stands out for so many reasons. It is a great place to start a family and enjoy all small town life has to offer. The sense of community, quality schooling and stable home prices – combined with the option to commute to Boston or Worcester – make for the perfect moving destination.

Things to love about Medway Mass

History – The year 1657 saw the first settlers arrive in what would become the town of Medway. Incorporation occurred in 1713, with a mere 233 residents making up the farming community. The farms would soon have to share space with industrial endeavors as the Chicken Brook and Charles river were harnessed for power. Paper mills and cotton mills would grow, as would boot factories and straw factories. Most of these factories are long gone now, but they did much to help Medway become what it is today.

The area that Medway developed in was sparsely populated at the beginning, but people kept arriving and the community kept growing. Medfield was established first, a few years prior to Medway. So many new residents were settling down in the area west of the Charles river that the Massachusetts General Court was petitioned for the creation of a new town – Medway. However, the development did not stop there. For 170 years the area that is now Millis was part of Medway, only to split off in 1885.

No one knows how Medway got its name, but there is a clearer understanding of how many of the streets in the town were named. The official naming of all streets in Medway occurred in 1869, when residents decided to discard the old names in favor of the names of important townspeople. Vine Land turned into Kelley Street, The old Hartford Turnpike became Main Street – the list goes on. The arguably more descriptive names were left behind as Medway became a more proper town.

Real estate – Medway may be small, but that does not mean there are no good real estate deals. Properties become available for any number of reasons and if you are in the right position you can snatch up a great deal. Medway has a number of different types of properties, from affordable condos to expensive luxury homes. There are a number of single family homes in the town that would make for a great residence for most buyers, with the median home value sitting around the low $300,000 mark.

The key to getting a quality home for a good price is finding a Realtor comfortable and familiar with the Medway market. Medway is a natural draw for home buyers, meaning the hunt may be competitive. Small New England towns are special for all sorts of reasons, but they can also be difficult to hunt for houses in if you are not experienced in doing so. A Realtor who buys and sells homes in Medway will know where to look and what to watch out for while house hunting. He or she will probably also be the first to know what the exactly type of home you want becomes available.

One real estate agent we would highly recommend in the area is Bill Gassett, who is one of the top RE/MAX Medway Real Estate Agents. Bill works with both buyers who are relocating into the area as well as homeowners who already live here and are looking to sell their property. Not only is Bill a Medway real estate expert but also one of the top RE/MAX real estate agents in Massachusetts. Bill is at the top of his field and has been recognized over the last decade as one of the best real estate agents in the New England region. Over the last three years he has been involved in just under 300 real estate transactions!

Location – Many people choose to live in Medway because it sits in a location good for commuting to Boston or Worcester. Unlike some towns that are right of the major highways, Medway sits a bit back from nearby 495 – keeping the town quieter than it would be were it directly on the interstate. However, it is only a short drive to hop on 495 and make your way to the major cities in the area for work or leisure. Being located in the heart of Norfolk County is a good thing!

Size – At only 13,000 residents as of the last census, Medway epitomizes the small New England town. It has everything you need to be comfortable and modern, but nothing more. This cuts down on the clutter, the distractions and the stress of everyday life. Your restaurant selection may be limited, for instance, but you will quickly discover what places you love dining and what places you don't. This is a kind of living that many people prefer and one that Medway does very well.

Charm – Even though Medway only covers 11.4 square miles, it more than makes up for its small size with abundant charm. It has a nice little downtown, a number of parks, outdoor recreation options, low crime and a high percentage of home owners. People are invested in the community and are protective of it because of this. Living here you will quickly come to know your neighbors and understand the workings of the town system.

Schools – The schools in Medway are top-notch. Because the school system serves a small town community, the teacher to student ratio is good and the attention to education is comprehensive. There is less distance between the parents, teachers and students, making for effective education in most cases. This is evidenced by the 2008 Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exams that Medway participated in. Around 217 10thgraders took the state test and most passed with flying colors. For English Language and Math, the passing rate was an impressive 96.3%. For the Science section students achieved an 87.9% passing rate.

Just a year earlier the SAT scores were measured from 193 Medway High School students. Students got an average composite score of 1,614 – something any parent would be proud of. A solid 85.8% of these students wound up going to a four-year college of some sort after high school. These are just a few of the reasons that make Medway Massachusetts a great place to call home. Come take a look and see if you could picture yourself owning real estate here in town!

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