Perennials Burst Bright With Color in Summer

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 15 June 2016 12:00

Spring is an excellent time to get your perennials in the soil, but many perennials will still be fine if planted during the early summertime.  The cooler temperatures of the season will give them more time to get associated and rooted before the unforgiving heat of the summer season begins to burn bright.  If you’re not really sure what the term “perennial” means, let us provide a short definition in layman’s terms. 


A perennial is a plant that will bloom indefinitely.  They’re the plants in your yard that keep coming back year after year.  If you nurture and protect their growth process, your perennials will provide your garden with luscious blossoms and brilliant hues for many years to come. 


Tall Garden Phlox

Phlox paniculata


This perfect, pink flower will not only adorn your garden with vibrant blooms, but these perennials come with a titillating perfume fragrance.  You’ll have these flowers blooming in your soil until Fall hits full swing, and they’ll just keep coming back.  The Phlox is super easy to maintain, and good for fresh cut flowers.  They also attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. 




Blanket Flowers



These flowers are very easy to grow due to their high tolerance level.  They tolerate heat and drought like champions.  They don’t need super soil either.  They will come in red, gold, and brown.  The blooms tend to resemble a daisy bloom.  The Blanket Flower will quickly provide your garden with a well-dispersed “blanket” of color as they bloom the first year they are planted.  They’ll bloom in the Summer, and continue until Fall. 





Myosotis sylvatica


The Forget-Me-Not produces blooms of tiny little blue flowers that will light up your garden.  They’re easy to tend to, and they love the sunlight.  They’re great for bordering your garden.  The name was derived from an old story about a Knight and his girl were enjoying a stroll by the river.  The Knight was holding a bouquet in his hands.  At some point, he fell into the water and was not able to swim due to the weight of his armor.  The legend says that as he was falling, he threw his lover the bouquet and shouted, “Forget me not!” 




Sea Holly

Eryngium amethystinum


Sea Holly is a great addition to your garden, as it is great for protection from erosion.  The plant naturally grows on the beach, so you’ll have to make sure it’s planted properly to enjoy its blue-silver colors.  Just remember, these plants can live in just about any type of soil.  They attract butterflies as well as other types of wildlife.  Your garden will be full of life.  They bloom in late summer and go dormant in the swing of Fall like most perennials do. 





Nepeta x faassenii



As the name kind of suggests, Catmint is a perennial herb.  It’s very easy to go, just be sure to plant them with plenty of space in between.  They also need to be thoroughly watered until they are established in the soil.  You could lay some mulch to maintain moisture in the ground.  Catmint is great for warding off pesky insects like aphids and beetles.  

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