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Ventura County Mobile Home Parks

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Ventura County Mobile Home Parks






New mobile homes cost from 150K to 300K with loan interest rates beginning at 10%.


Older mobile homes are cheaper but have loan interest rates typically from 15 to 20%.


Mobile home parks charge space rent from as low as $350/ Month in Ranch (Senior) or Twin Palms (Family) MHP up to over $1200/Month at Lamplighter or Meadowlake MHP. 




Some mobile home parks allow you to own your own lot, but space purchased can be quite expensive on top of the mobile home mortgage and HOA. A few mobile home parks sell shares (1/50th as an example) of the undivided total park property.  


If you own your own lot, you will pay:


1) property tax for the land and your home (.0125 times the purchase price) and


2) a reduced HCD (state tax) for the coach itself which runs about $40-$50,  and


3) Home Owners Association (HOA) fee which differs from park to park but typically runs $200 to $300/month.


The advantage to owning your own property is that HOA fees are much lower than lot rents, you get to take a property tax deduction at the end of the year, and you don’t have to worry about lot rents going up .




Many mobile home parks have their own income and qualifying requirements for tenants.  New buyers must qualify with the park and should apply as soon as they have an accepted offer for their manufactured home.  I have had clients who wanted to pay all cash for their new manufactured home, but were denied park membership due to insufficient income.




As of 1 July 2016, all mobile home parks must approve or disapproval a buyer application within 3 weeks. Senate Bill 14 (SB 14) now requires mobile home parks to consider a new application in a timely manner.


In years past, it was not uncommon for some parks to take 4 or 5 weeks to make a decision on a new buyer application. This created many problems for buyers. They might be in escrow with an accepted offer but mortgage loans could not be completed and moving dates were difficult to predict.


Sellers could not be certain that their home was going to sell, even with an accepted offer.


Meantime, lot rents and mortgage and insurance payments still had to be made. If the seller was purchasing a new home somewhere else, this delay also caused havoc with their new purchase timeframes.  


SB 14 puts a stop to all the nonsense by irresponsible park management.  




Agent commissions are normally 8 to 10% of sales price but can be a flat rate for lower priced homes or a smaller percentage for more expensive manufactured homes. Park agents don’t always cooperate with other agents, but will usually pay referral fees.




Mobile homes built before July 1976 are harder and more expensive to finance through lenders. These homes were built before standardized HUD requirements for mobile home quality came into being.  Some pre- 1976 homes were very well built, while others were not.  I have included a list of lenders who do this type of loan.




So, if you are buying a mobile home built from June 15, 1976 or before, your lender will require 25% down and a 15 year note. This is the definition of a Pre-HUD home.




If you want to purchase a home built July 1976 or newer, than you can get a loan with 10% down and a 20 year note.




Mobile homes built between 1965 and 1973 may have aluminum wiring issues = fire hazard. Copper and Aluminum swell up when heated by electrical current flow. They don’t swell up the same amount, so this leads to loosening of the wire fasteners where the two types meet. Gradually the loosening becomes a gap which can spark and cause a fire. There is a fix for this but it costs roughly $40 per outlet to have installed.




Mobile homes in some Ventura Parks have a choice of a long term lease (5 yrs) at a reduced rate compared to the short term lease (month to month). This can be very deceptive. At first glance the long term lease makes better sense financially. However, a long term lease is not subject to rent control while the short term lease is subject to rent control. In other words, a short term lease has protections against lot rent increases beyond a controlled rate. Long term leases have no such protections.


The following park specific information changes frequently. Please be aware that contact information and lot rents may be out of date. Check with the individual park managers for the best and most up to date information.






Camarillo Mobile Home Estates   -    135 Spaces     -      Built 


1150 E Ventura Blvd.


Camarillo, CA  93010


(805) 482-0022;   Fax  (805) 388-9653


Manager:   Ann Russell 


Buy the lot for your mobile home:  No


Age Restricted:  Yes,   55+  ( If parent is over 55 and son/daughter is over 18, that is OK.)


Rent:  583.00 to 1200.00 / Month = Includes Water, Trash & Sewer  (15% increase at sale time)


Pets: 1 dog to 21” tall at shoulder or indoor cat. Can walk dog in park if on leash.


Amenities:  Club House, Heated Pool, Spa, Workout Room, Bingo, Senior Activities, Located Near In-And-Out Burger


Income Requirements:  =     3 X  ( Lot Rent +  Mortgage Payment + 24.50/month TV )


This park does allow home rentals






Camarillo Springs Country Club Village            


Camarillo, CA  93010


(805) 484-1650 /  9:00am – 3:00pm  M-F


Resident Liaison:  Debra Schmid     email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Office Location is in Clubhouse (park by the pool and walk down the stairs to the glass door)


Management Company is CPM or Community Property Management (805) 987-8945


Park Rules and Regulations, CC & R’s are obtained from CPM through a request demand from Escrow.


Buy the lot for your mobile home:  Yes.     This park does allow home rentals. 


Age Restricted:  Yes, 55+  No exceptions without board approval. 2nd spouse can not be younger than 45


Residents own their own property -  can buy before 55, but can’t move in until 55.  


Park Monthly Expenses:   Association Dues - $189, Master Common Area - $22,Verizon Bulk - $27.04,  Sewer Assessment - $24.15, Water Meter Fee - $8.43.


Total Assessments:  $271.53                                                                  


Park Bill includes separate charges for water and electric.


Owners are billed through City and Utilities for: trash, sewer, gas, and telephone.   


Pets: 2 dogs, or 2 cats or one of each. No pets allowed outside without leash. Max dog size 15” at shoulder.


Hot tubs must be enclosed in a structure. (Camarillo City requires an enclosure or a 5 foot fence around spas, while Camarillo Springs MHP only allows a 3 foot fence. Therefore, enclosure is the only option.


No visitors for more than 60 days ( This includes sons and daughters)


Amenities:  Pool, Jacuzzi (no one under 18 allowed in Jacuzzi), Travel Club, Bridge Club, Poker, Movies twice/ month, TGIF Party each Month, Senior rates available at the golf course.


Located off Camarillo Springs Road


Income Requirements:  Properties individually owned








Casa Del Norte MHP      -      135 Spaces      -      Built 1970


4388 East Central Avenue


Camarillo, CA  93010


(805) 485-5556;   Fax  (805) 278-1846  or  (805) 479-1932


General Manager:  Cookie Parades          Assistant Manager:  Mary King


Starr Management Company                    Ph (714) 480-6828  x  367 (Dimitri)       Fax (714) 480-6830


1400 East 4th Street


Santa Ana, CA   92701


Dimitri Morris  (714) 918-8367


Jeffrey A. Leak,  Dimitri 


Buy the lot for your mobile home:  No


Age Restricted:  Yes, 55+  No exceptions     Must be 55 to buy, can’t buy at 54 and move in at 55.


Park Monthly Expenses:


Lot Rent:   650.00 / Month  =  Includes: Trash,  Monthly bill contains separate charges for water, sewage and gas.


Owners billed by utilities on lot rent statement for electricity, cable tv and telephone.


Pets:  Yes, 1 small pet less than 25 lbs.


Amenities:  Clubhouse, Pool, Year-Round Sauna ( 1 for men, and 1 for women ), Exercise Room, Laundry Room, Monthly Activities


Located near Spanish Hills.


Income Requirements:   3 x Rent (650.00) = $1650/ Month, plus 3x utilities (approximately $60.00) Buyer needs to have about $1850/Month after expenses to be accepted and Good credit rating.   








Country Estates MHP         -         120 Spaces     -     Built 1962


10685 Blackburn Road


Ventura, CA   93003


(805) 659-4750


Office Hours 9:00am to 1:00 pm


General Manager:  Chris Christian, Office Manager: Carla


Buy the lot for your mobile home: Yes


Co-op or you can rent the lot, cannot rent mobile home itself.


Age Restricted:   Yes, 55+


Association Fees:   $167.00 / Month; or you can buy Landshare Co-op at $70,000 to $100,000 / share.


Pets:  1 Dog or Cat under 21 lbs


Amenities: Clubhouse/ Kitchen, Pool, Library, Car Wash, Laundry, 2 pool tables, Wednesday Bingo.


Services with Lot Rent include: sewer, trash and basic cable.


Park does not allow owners to rent out their properties.


Located at Wells Road on frontage road to Rt 126, East of Ventura


Income Requirements:


a.      If you buy Mobile Home and Co-op share:  3 x ( Mortgage + $ HOA ) and a Good Credit Rating.


b.     If you buy Mobile Home but rent lot:  3 x ( Mortgage + $Lot Rent ) and a Good Credit Rating. 












Imperial Ventura North MHP  -   190 Spaces  -  Built 1971


Imperial Ventura South MHP  -   182 Spaces  -  Built 1971


5067 Theille St. ( Back Park/Imperial North ) &  5065 Telephone Rd. ( Front Park/Imperial South )  Parks are divided into 2 separate areas by Telephone Rd.


Ventura, CA   93003    


(805) 642-0444  /  Fax:  (805) 642-2402 (Back)   &   Fax:  (805) 642-5812 (Front)


General Manager:  Daniel Ayala – Back Park  &  Kelly Ryan – Front Park


Buy the lot for your mobile home: No


Age Restricted:  No, Family Living, 190 spaces


Lot Rent:  $700.00 / Month


Pets:  Yes, 1 pet    25 lbs or less


Amenities:  Clubhouse, Pool, Basketball, Handball, Playground


Located off Victoria 0n Theille.  (Front park, Back park)  Park with speed bumps is a bit nicer.


Income Requirements:


1)    All payments must be by personal check, money order, or credit card payable to Imperial Ventura.


2)    Applicants must complete the Standard Application Form.


3)    Applicants must furnish proof of income.


4)    Applicant’s credit will be checked for a maximum of three (3) negatives.


5)    Co-Signers are not acceptable.


6)    All mobile homes must be owner occupied, single family residences, no business or commercial activity may be conducted there.


7)    The applicant’s housing cost must not exceed 25% of gross monthly income (Ex.1) and the Applicant’s housing cost and other monthly debt must not exceed 35% of Gross Montly Income (Ex. 2).




Ex.  1  -  Housing Cost                                                               Ex. 2  -  Total Monthly Cost




Space Rent           $500.00                           and                        Housing Cost                    $1414.00


Mortgage              $654.00                                                         Other Monthly Debt           $454.00


Utilities                $100.00                                                          Total Monthly Cost         $1,868.00


Insurance/Taxes   $160.00


Housing Cost     $1414.00




Ex. 1  = $1,414.00 / .25 = $5,656.00           and                         Ex. 2  =  $1,868. / .35 =   $5,337.00




Applicant’s monthly income must be greater than both Ex. 1 and Ex. 2 above.


8)    Applicant’s entire family should meet and discuss the rules with our manager.


9)    Applicants must have verifiable good rental history.


10)                        Applicant must provide evidence the down payment has been in resident’s accounts for four (4) months, and provide a detailed loan commitment letter  (price, down payment, interest rate and term).


11)                        The Applicant should have a FICO score greater than 640.










Imperial Oxnard Mobile Estates         -         187 Spaces


410 Saviers Road


Oxnard, Ca   93033


(805) 488-2818  Alliance Management 


General Manager: Jim Allen & Judy


Buy the lot for your mobile home:  No


Age restricted:  Yes -  55+


Lot Rent Average: $650 / Month


$50/month  additional for Water, Trash, Sewer Plus $1.17/Month Rent Assessment Fee – (Rent Control Charge)


Pets: 1 Pet = must be less than 15 lbs.


Amenities: Club House/Rec Room, Community Pool & Spa, Laundry Facilities


Located: Between Borrego Ave and Glacier Ave next to DMV, off of Saviers Rd


Income Requirements: 3 x Lot Rent & Good Credit Report, no criminal record. 








Lamp Lighter MHP          -        227 Spaces     -     Built 1976


3905 E. Via Rosal


Camarillo, CA  93012


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(805) 482-4718   /   9:00am – 4:00 pm   M-F


General Manager:  Mark & Wendy Jones


Buy the lot for your mobile home:   No


No age restrictions,  Family Living


Lot Rent:  $1025/month   Includes utilities


Income Requirements = Must have monthly income equal to 3 x the lot rent = 2850/month.


Security Deposit:  1st and last months rent.      


Rent includes; Trash, Sewer, Cable TV


Pets: Yes, 2 pets per household but no large or aggressive dogs, 35 lb max. Use dog exercise area.


Amenities:  Pool, Spa, Clubhouse, Library, Billiard Room and two laundries.


Located SW of town.


Income Requirements:


1)    Pass credit check.


2)    Only medical bankruptcies allowed.


3)    We do not accept co-signers or guarantees.


4)    Criminal background check with no felonies


5)    Income Requirements = Must have monthly income equal to 3 x the lot rent = 2850/month.






Lemonwood  MHP    -     231 Spaces     -    Built 1973 


850 Johnson Drive


Ventura, Ca   93003


Park Office Hours:   9:00 – 12:00am   &  1:00 – 4:00pm


Park Managers:   John & Margaret Toal   -  (805) 642-3810


Buy the lot for your mobile home:  No.     Homes may not be rented out.


Age Restricted:  Yes,  55+  first owner  /  40+  additional occupant


Lot rent:  currently between $683 and $770 / month. Lot rent does not cover utilities.


Park subject to Buena Ventura City rent control.


Income Requirements:  Monthly Income must equal 3 x lot rent plus $150/month for average utility costs.


Pets:  2 small pets under 30lbs allowed. No walking pets in the park and no outside cats.


Amenities:  Club House w/ Heated Pool, Exercise Room, Jacuzzi, Library, Billiard Table.


Location:  Rt 101 to Johnson Drive North exit (Johnson Drive exit is SE side of Ventura).  Take Johnson Drive North to Telephone Rd. Park located at first entrance North of Telephone Rd. 


Arriving from Rt 126 use either Kimball Rd exit to the East or Victoria Rd exit to the West of the park. Travel South from either exit to Telephone Rd. Telephone Rd to Johnson Drive. North ½ block on Johnson Drive to Park Entrance.  








La Posada MHP        -       83 Spaces     -     Built 1971


4499 Copland Drive


Ventura, CA  93003


Park Office Hours:   9:00 – 12:00am   &  1:00 – 3:00pm


General Manager:   Linda Saneedo   -   (805) 644-1234   /   Fax:  (805) 644-7349 


Buy the lot for your mobile home:  No


Age Restricted:  Yes,  55+


Lot Rent:


Pets:  Cats


Amenities: swimming pool, recreational facilities


Directions: N Rt 101 to Ventura.  Telephone Road exit E. Copeland Drive is straight across Telephone Rd from Rt 101 off ramp.








Meadowlake  MHP     -     195 Spaces      -     Built 1980


2475 Apple Lane


Oxnard, CA  93030


Ph (805) 485-0114    Fax (805) 983-6339  /   9:00 – 12:00 am  &  1:00 – 4:00 pm


General Manager: Pennie  Mann      Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Company Owned – Continental Mobile Housing  (714) 524-5051


Buy the lot for your mobile home: No


Age Restricted:   No,  Family Living


Lot Rent: $800.00 - $891.00 / Month;  includes water (Probable lot rent increase in Jan)


Owners billed separately for trash (22.12), sewer (17.55), rent control fee (1.17) on a monthly basis.


Pets: 1 pet, 30lbs. or less


Amenities: Unmatched,  Large Clubhouse, Pool, Ponds, Fountains, Tennis Courts


Located off Oxnard Blvd at Orchard Place and just north of Vineyard Av


Income Requirements:  3 x ( Mortgage + Lot Rent )




Oak Forest Mobile Homes   -   200 spaces  


32100 Triumfo Canyon Rd


Westlake Village, CA  91361-3809


Management Company -  Lordon Management  -  (818) 707-0200


Association Name  -  Oak Forest Estates   -  (818) 707-0200


HOA:  $224 - $242 approx


Association Amenities:  Clubhouse, Fitness Center, Pool, Spa, RV storage, Trash paid


Directions:  101 to Lindero Canyon Rd South. Turn left on Triunfo Canyon Rd for 1 block. Turn left into park entrance on Sherwood Drive.




Notes: This park is rumored to have been the site for the filming of Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood.


You can almost imagine men in green popping out from behind the many ancient oak trees that shelter the homes under their leafy branches.




This is one of two parks in Ventura County that I know of that are available for families and which also allow you to purchase the property the home sits on, ie: no lot rent, just a low HOA fee which currently averages someplace between $224 and $242 per month.




This park is mostly for manufactured homes (mobile homes) which currently in ( early 2015 ) are selling between $349K and $395K.  However, there is small part of this park located on the hill top on Little John Ct, which has much newer pre-fabricated homes priced near $600K. 




It is also worth noting that any homeowner who would like to sell their home must have an certified arborist inspect any and all oak trees located on their property. The arborist must prepare a report ( the seller must pay to have this written ) which states that the oak trees have been maintained in accordance with the guidelines in the Oak Tree preservation Manual and section 9121 of the City of Westlake Village Municipal Code and that such trees are not in need of maintenance in any material respect.  This report must be presented to the Association not less than 5 days prior to the convenyance of the lot by the owner, and shall be a condition precedent to the transfer of any lot subject to the provisions of Sub-Article 21(b).   








Poinsettia Gardens     -     142 Spaces   -   Built 1981


11370 Darling Road


Ventura, CA  93004


President of Poinsettia Gardens Park  Board  -  Carol Eller  -   (805) 659-2255


Real Estate Liaison   -  Beverly Bell  -  (805) 659-7247


Buy the lot for your manufactured home: Yes


Age Restricted:  Yes, owner must be 55 – second occupant at least 45.


Park Assessment Fee:  $197/month  - includes water, trash, sewer


Pets:  1 only – dog or cat.


Amenities:  Pool, Spa, Exercise Room, Library, RV storage for an additional $144/year.


No specific income requirements, but Board Package must be completed by purchaser. Package is submitted to escrow with offer. Escrow must process and return the package to the Park Board before close of escrow for transfer of property to new buyer.


This Park was the first in California to be developed by its’ own residents and not a real estate developer.  Poinsettia Gardens Park is managed by a volunteer 7 member board.


No home rentals are allowed.


Directions:  Ventura NE on Rt 126 to Wells Rd Exit. Exit Wells Rd/RT 118  E (right) to Darling Rd.  Darling Rd N (left) to 11370 Darling Rd.








Ranch Mobile Home Community  -  74 Spaces


2193 Los Feliz Drive


Thousand Oaks, CA  91362


Ph (805) 495-7787  Fax (805) 495-7722  /   9:00 – 5:00  M-F


General Manager:  Barry Blechman     Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Buy the lot for your mobile home:  No


Age Restricted: Yes, 55+,  and no income restrictions apply.


Sewer charge is additional $25.60/month,  Electric and Gas billed according to lot usage.


Lot Rent: Roughly $350.00/month. Calculated by taking old lot rent and adding $191.95. Then multiply total by 10%. 


Pets: 1 dog under 18 inches at the shoulder, 1 indoor cat. Service dogs excepted.


Amenities: Club House with kitchen and laundry facility.  Pot luck and other monthly social events with some events shared with sister park – Thunderbird  Mobile Home Park.


Located  101 to Rancho Road. Rancho Rd  North to E Thousand Oaks Blvd. Turn right on TO Blvd to Los Feliz Drive. Left on Los Feliz Drive to Ranch Mobile Home Park.  Ranch Mobile Home Community is on left at Dinsmore Av.








Rancho Adolfo MHP         -        250 Spaces 


1055 Adolfo Rd.


Camarillo, CA  93010


(805) 484-2734  /   9:00am – 3:00pm   M-F


General Manager:   Bobbie Abraham


Buy the lot for your mobile home:   Yes


Age Restricted:   Yes,   55+  No exceptions


Lot Rent:   137.00 / Month, includes:  trash


Pets: Yes, 1 pet only, 25 lbs. or less


Amenities:  Pool, Sauna, Golf Course, 2 Jacuzzi’s


Income Requirements:  Properties individually owned. (At this time 15 owners do not own their property)


No home rentals are allowed


Located off Adolfo Road in Camarillo between Lewis and Santa Rosa Roads on the North side of the street.






Stardust Mobile Estates         -        125 Spaces     -     Built 1968


11100 Telegraph Rd.


Ventura, CA   93004


(805) 647-4901    /   Fax:  (805) 647-4970   /    9:00am – 5:00pm   M-F


General Manager:   Jim & Ann McKay


Buy the lot for your mobile home: No


Age Restricted:  No, Family Living


Lot Rent Average:  $450 / Month


Water, Gas, Electric are metered for individual charges to lot owners.


Pets: 1 pet = either 1 indoor cat or 1 dog 12” tall at the shoulder or less. No dog walking area.


Amenities:  New Streets, Curbs, Gutters, Recreation Area, Community Pool, Community Spa, RV Storage


Located: corner of Wells Rd and Telegraph Rd


Income Requirements:  4 x Lot Rent






Stonegate      -     105 Spaces      -        Built 1984 – 1985


1025 Cachuma Avenue


Ventura, CA   93004


(805) 388-3848     


Anchor Community Management


Only Family Park in Ventura County where you can own the lot.


All homes are manufactured homes sitting on a slab, no mobile homes on pylons here.


Home prices range from $190,000 to $230,000 as of  Fall 2012


HOA up to $190/month


Amenities: Club House, Pool, Spa, Greenbelt, Insurance and Trash Removal


Directions: 101 to Telephone. Telephone East to Cachuma, Left on Cachuma, Left into Stonegate – first gate.




















Vallecito         -        303 Spaces      -     Built 1970


1251 Old Conejo Road


Newbury Park, CA   91320


(805) 498-2612   /  Fax (805) 498-6763 / 


General Mangers Sandy & Ron Gellenbeck or Lawrence


Office Hours   M-F  9:00 – 12:00, 1:00 – 4:00


Buy the lot for your mobile home: No


Age Restricted:  Yes,  55+ 


One resident must be 55 or older, all residents must be 40 or older.


Lot Rent:  Older homes are $521.00/mo and newer homes start at about $745.00/mo. Rent is based on the CPI and is adjusted in October.


Pets: 1 house pet allowed, no weight restrictions


Amenities:  Gorgeous Clubhouse with kitchen and dance floor, heated pool and spa, exercise room, billiards room, card room, barbeque area, Bocce Ball court, gated entrance. Very picturesque location.


Location: Ventura Freeway ( 101 ) to Newbury Park. Exit Wendy Drive - South. Wendy to Old Conejo Road West.


Income Requirements:  Must earn 3 x ( lot rent plus monthly utilities total)  = usually totals around $3,000.   For the less expensive lots an income between $1800 and $2000 will usually qualify)


Sewer  $25.45


Trash  $ 15.00


Water is individually metered and usually runs $10.00 to 35.00


Electric ?


Gas ? 


This park has begun the process of converting to “Condo Ownership”.  Prospective Buyers should confer with Park Management to learn the details. The park is currently 3 years into a 10 year long term lease that will not be reviewed until 2022.








Ventu Estates Mobile Home Park  - 156 Spaces  -  Built 1969 and Back Park 1971


Newbury Park, CA  91320


Park Manager – Bea Ferruzza


(805) 498-2010


Office Hours   M- F  9:00 – 5:00


Buy the lot for your mobile home: No


Age Restricted: yes, 55+ 


Lot Rent:  Currently $508 - $575/month, lot rent increases 15% from previous owner at time of sale. Every November all lot rents increase by $16.67. This process began in 2011 and will continue through 2017 for all Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park mobile home parks.


Lot Rent Includes: Gas, Water, Trash, Cable TV, Pool


Pets: 1 cat or 1 dog under 25 lbs


Amenities: Heated Community Pool & Spa & Club House and Luandry Room


Location: Ventura Freeway (101) to Newbury Park. Exit Ventu Park Rd - South. Park entrance is on the left at Robertson Street.  If you cross Lynn Rd, you’ve gone too far.


Income Requirements: Rent cannot exceed 35% of income.








Ventu Villa Mobile Home Park  171 Spaces  -  Built  1959 and Back Park 1965


(Sister park is Ventu Estates MHP located just down the street)


Newbury Park, CA  91320


Park Manager – Bea Ferruzza


(805) 498-2010


Office Hours  M-F


Buy the lot for your mobile home: No


Age Restricted: Yes, 55+ 


Lot Rent:  Currently $428 - $499, lot rent increases 15% from previous owner at time of sale. Every November all lot rents increase by $16.67. This process began in 2011 and will continue through 2017 for all Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park mobile home parks.


Space Rent Includes: water.   Park Bills each owner for Gas, Electric, Trash, Sewer and lot rent in one bill. Utilities average $80 to $100 above each owner’s lot rent. Since lot rents average $500, cost of living averages a very affordable $600 (not including cost of coach).




Pets: 1 cat or 1 dog under 25 Lbs


Amenities: Heated Community Pool, Club House - Bingo, Poker and 2 laundry rooms


Location: Ventura Freeway (101) to Newbury Park. Exit Ventu Park Rd - South. Park entrance is on the left at Ortega Drive or further South at Madonna Lane. If you cross Lynn Rd, you’ve gone too far.


Income Requirements:  Rent cannot exceed 35% of income.








Villa Del Arroyo Park  -  240 Units


15750 Arroyo Drive


Moorpark, Ca   93021


Office (805) 523-7444   /  Fax (805) 523-8094


Manager – Janet Willis  


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Office Hours  M-F


Buy the lot for your mobile home?  No


Age Restricted?  No  -   this is a family park.


Lot rent:  roughly $670/month


Pets: 1 dog no taller than 18” at the shoulder (possible exception for additional cat).


Amenities: Clubhouse with game room/ pool table/ table tennis, swimming pool, tennis court, horseshoes, hiking trails, RV Storage. 


Location: West from Simi Valley on the 118 to Collins Road exit south. Turn left (East) on Arroyo Drive. Villa Del Arroyo Park is on right side (South).


Park is privately owned, is under rent control and no flood insurance is required. Buyers must be approved by park before entering escrow on an accepted offer. Two month lot rent deposit required for first year.            










Mobile Home Purchase Expenses










Family Parks Differ from Senior Parks:


-    Senior Parks tend to be more expensive  (better resale for seller).


-         Family Parks tend to be less expensive (better pricing for buyers).






      Mobile Home Parks have widely varying Income Requirements:


Some parks have income requirements based upon cost of space or lot rental.


Example:  Must have income equal to 3 times the lot rental  = 3 x 500.00 = $1,500 / Month.


-         Some parks add additional requirements which include formulas that look at your


     credit reports, proofs of income, monthly debt and rental history.




Lot or Space Rental Fees:


-         Lot fees will normally increase for the new buyer of a mobile home property from


     that charged the previous owner.






Specific Charges:




     Property Tax:


Mobile Homes have unsecured Personal Property Tax at 1.25% of  the purchase price in Ventura  County.


-         It is based upon the cost of the Mobile Home and the space rental.


-         Decal numbers beginning with L will have Property Tax


-         Mobile Homes built after 1975 will normally be taxed this way.


-         Personal Property Tax is normally paid through Escrow.




License Fees:


-         Mobile Homes have License Fees which are normally less than $100.00.


-         Decal numbers beginning with A, B, C,  etc ( anything other than L )  will normally mean a license fee instead of a property tax.


-         License Fees are normally paid through Escrow.




      Escrow Fees:


-         Somewhere around $800.00 ( Lawyer’s Title and Escrow )


-         Usually split 50/50 between the Buyer and the Seller.


-         Escrow Fees are normally paid through Escrow




     Title Fees:


      -   Do not normally apply to a mobile home sale unless the property it sits on is


          purchased also.  




     Transfer Fees:


-         Somewhere around $25.00


-         Payable to the Department of Housing


-         Transfer Fees are normally paid through Escrow




      DMV Search Fees:


-         Somewhere around $50.00


-         Search Fees are normally paid through Escrow




Utility Transfer Fees:


-         Somewhere around $100.00


-         Varies by Park


-         Transfer Fees are normally paid through Escrow




      Pest Inspection:


-         Somewhere around $75.00


-         Payable to Pest Inspector at time of inspection




      Realtor Commission:


-         Normally paid by Seller


-         With separate Listing Agent and Selling Agents = 10% is common but is negotiable. Many realtors charge a flat rate – especially for lower priced homes.




      Loan Payoff:  (Seller Expense Usually)


      -    Remaining Loan Balance Due


      -    Miscellaneous Loan Fees  ( Varies by Lender )












Loan Officers Specializing in Mobile Homes:






Joe Tobey -                US Financial Network, Inc.


(Will do Pre-HUD)    (714) 814-4855  or  (949) 661-9044   or   (800) 655-9044


                                   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Randy Clark  -            Murphy Bank


                                    (877) 225-0318  or  (559) 225-0318


                               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Paul Baptiste  -           Macy Homes


                                    (805) 642-6229


                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Pat Ramey  &             CRM Funding


Lara Higgins               Ph (805) 656-6141   Fax  (805) 644-1127


                                    1932 Eastman Avenue


                                    Ventura, Ca   93003


                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Clay Dickens   &        Community West Bank


Will Cunningham  &  Ph   (805) 692-4429 or 4327 or 4359


Elana Arroyo              445 Pine Avenue


                                    Goleta, CA  93117 


                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




 Dave Weinhold   -     Community West Bank


                                    Ph   (805) 650-8855


                                    1463 S Victoria


                                    Ventura, CA   93003


                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








 Christy Snow    -        First Pacific Financial


                                    (800) 460-0019  or   (530) 223-6297   Fax  (530) 223-6239


                                    1539 Chestnut Street


                                    Redding, Ca   96001


                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










Loan Tidbits of Information:




FHA will not do loans to senior mobile home parks since it is age discrimination and because homes are not affixed to the ground.




VA will not do loans on mobile homes unless they are on real property ( no lot rents ) and were built in 1977 or newer.


Cal -Vet will do loans on mobile homes.


Mobile Homes built July 1976 or later only require 10% down payment (20 yr loan) .


Mobile Homes built June 1976 or before require 25% down payment minimum


(15 yr loan) These are known as Pre-HUD Homes.






Title & Escrow Officers Specializing in Mobile Homes:




Beth Lovelace  -  Chicago Title and Escrow   (Camarillo)  -  Ph  (805) 987-0481




Betsy Taylor   -    Lawyer’s Title and Escrow   (Oxnard)   -   Ph  (805) 484-2701




Geneva Cory   -   Chicago Title and Escrow   (Port Hueneme)  -  Ph  (805) 382-8400




Sharon Starr   -  Chicago Title and Escrow   (Westlake)   - Ph  (805) 497-7430  x  3




Jenny Williams -    All Valley Escrow, Inc.  (Simi Valley)   -   Ph  (805) 217-3152




Danielle Thomas-Franklin -  Stewart Title (Ventura)  -  Ph  (805) 644-8211




Jeneva Sloan  -  Pacific Coach Escrow Corp A.T.T.  (Conejo Valley)  -  Ph (805) 351-3746  




Mary-Jean Vawter  -  City Escrow, Inc.  (Simi Valley)  -  Ph (805) 583-1117


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








Insurance Companies Specializing in Mobile Homes:




Sosa & Sosa – Oxnard, Ca  (805) 983-1744




Fiscal Insurance – Thousand Oaks, Ca (805) 374-8687










Mobile Home Repair Specialists:




















James Baker  -  Best Way Construction & Handyman Services (senior discounts)


Ph (805) 469-9203         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


C.S.L. #931818




Tom Duffey  -   Duffey’s Mobile Home Repair   Phone 805-527-2129  or   800-564-5655     Fax 805-581-2908


Home leveling for $285.00 plus additional piers at $30 per pier warranteed for 6 months.


1550 Rory Lane #207, Simi Valley, CA 93063


Fax 805-581-2908


CSLB CA License #567804


Chris - All American Roofing


(310) 227-7912


Tony - 


(626) 506-4100




Fred Janzen    Mobile Home Contractor        Awnings – Inspections – Repairs


Phone (805) 659-0572


PMB 125   -   9452 Telephone Rd


Ventura, CA   93004-2600


Lic # 759291


Ron Stevenson   -  American Mobil Home Services      Phone (805) 526-2207


Home leveling for $375.00  plus additional piers at $35 per pier.      _________________________________________________________________________


Bruce Martin  -  Roofer  -  Roof  Inspection  for $150.00 


Phone   (805) 207-3538


Shawn Azimi  -  City Property Inspections & Service 


Phone (818) 687-8686


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Ace Awning, Inc.        (805) 647-0856


11182 Azahar,  Ventura, CA   93004


Lic  #273891


Termite Specialists




Mitch Mashburn   -   Hydrex Pext Control Co.   -   cell: (805) 732-3048  -   direct: (805) 233-3024                        email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Website: www.hydrexpescontrol.com










New Manufactured Homes in California




Here are some links to information on new mobile homes in California. New home manufacturers often have homes they take in, for trade-ins. These can be quite inexpensive. These manufacturers can also finance their own new homes for buyers at rates most banks cannot match.
















http://californiahomesdirect.net/      ( near Bakersfield)






State Resources




California Department of Housing and Community Development  (HCD)






Use this site to find out about manufactured home registration, standards, etc. as well as housing assistance in general.




Ph: (805) 549-3373 in San Luis Obispo


Ph: (800) 952-8356 in Sacramento




Disclaimer:No information from this general guide sheet is guaranteed accurate or complete  and may change at any time with or without the knowledge of it’s author. The specific people mentioned here are not tacitly or intentionally endorsed for their services by the author.


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