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HOW CAN I ORGANIZE MY LIFE? | Torey'sThoughts Ep. 27

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 July 2016 18:12

Life is an amazingly beautiful thing.  Unfortunately, we live in a world of distractions that are constantly battling for our attention.  How can you focus your attention on what matters to you?


My name is Torey (some call me "T") and I help urbanites (like yourself), who are interested in buying and selling real estate; connect the dot's between the stuff have have already seen online or their past experiences, to what they actually need to know in today’s real estate markets in order to accomplish their goals.


Personally speaking, I undergo this struggle everyday.  With every second comes another thing trying to infiltrate my focus.  I do not know about you, but I want one thing out of this life;  I want to enjoy it.  To me, “enjoy it” means to interact with the people I wanna interact with, to experience new things, to relax, and to obtain my life long goals.


Sometimes I just sit back and think that it is so tough to enjoy life because crap is always getting in the way.  More times than not it really is nothing more than meaningless crap, which is frustrating.


How do I intend to push through these distractions and carve out more enjoyable moments for myself?


I am going back to basics and focusing on me.  I am asking the question: “What do I want in Life” and building my calendar around those principles.


For a long time now, I have heard people talking about managing a calendar.  To me, I always have done that.  This being said, I am a firm believer that the degree you implement something is to the degree you have been affected by it.  Meaning, You can tell me to manage my calendar all damn day.  I will listen to you and implement the concept, but I will become more and more rigid after I have personally experienced an experience that shows me “I need to be more rigid with my calendar”.  I have found it is tough for people to grasp a concept more than their gut tells them they need it.


I have not had any one “aha” moment that gave me the willpower to step up my calendar game.  It was a month or so of constant craziness that brought me to this point.  Now, I am so packed between producing this content, generating more business, servicing current clients, keeping in touch with past clients, and life that I needed to make a change.


I am a week into organizing my life and I love it.  I am working less hours with higher productivity.  My day is broken into distinct segments that are only a certain amount of time, each segment has a goal that must be accomplished.  Anything in my way of that will either get steamrolled or pushed to the side until it really matters.


If you are really looking to organize your life, figure out what is important to you and build your life around it.  Do what it takes to limit distractions.  If you want help or want someone to talk about it with who really feels your pain, talk to someone you trust who is effective, and as always, I am here for you too.


In the face of many small win’s that are a by-product of me organizing my life, the most important this is “I got my off button back.”


QUESTION:  What have you done to gain your life back?





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Torey Howarth

WHAT I DO:  I save you time and energy by guiding you throughout the home buying and selling process.


HOW I DO IT:  I connect the dots between what you think you know and what you don't yet know but need to know.  The internet can make us feel like we know it all and don't need a real estate agent, when in fact what it actually does is it gives us much more information than we know what to do with.  I blend my proprietary insight gained through many conversations, observations, and years of experience with what you already know to create a useful action plan to get us from point A to point B.  For all of the moments in between those big moments, I rely on consistent communication to prevent your mind from wandering away, so we can stay laser-focused on the end goal. 


WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT:  My approach.  I am a Millennial who understands real estate by internalizing why things work the way they do.  By understanding the "why", I can provide insight on a deeper level and align you with better opportunities in any market.  I get to understanding the "why" by working really hard and caring a lot about my clients and everyone around me.


ABOUT ME:  I became passionate about real estate when I thought it was really cool people owned big buildings (Even cooler that people paid the owners of those buildings more than what it cost them to own it).  From that day, I devoted a lot of time, effort, and energy to internalizing how to invest in real estate.  Flash forward to today:  I am not only continually learning on a daily basis, but i am also executing daily while paving my own path to spreading real estate insight and offering reliable real estate representation.




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