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How to Make the Reconstruction Process Go Smoothly

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 July 2016 22:00


You have decided it is time to start your renovation project. You want to make sure that everything gets done and gets done correctly. However, you just realized that you have no idea how to function without your kitchen while the new one is being created. The process of going without your kitchen is going to be an inconvenience. There is nothing you can do about it. The following tips, however, can ensure that the process is as easy on you as it can possibly be.

First of all, designate an area of your home to act as your kitchen while your kitchen is being renovated. Eating out all the time can become costly, and you will grow tired of it at some point. Even if you bring home takeout to eat with your family, you need a place to store lunches and make the morning coffee. Make sure that you set up a substitute kitchen area away from the construction site.

Second, make sure that you keep everything simple. Only pull out the things you need. The coffee maker is a necessity, the waffle iron not so much. How often do you really utilize the food processor? Really? Put it away, keep out the knives and cutting boards. Make sure the essentials are close by, but put the rest of it in storage.

Third, make sure that you realize you do not have a stove to use at the moment. When you plan your meals, make sure that they can be made on smaller kitchen appliances. Slow cookers, toaster ovens, hot plates etc. are the small appliances that can help you get through the remodel.

Make sure that your pantry is full of disposables. You can’t wash dishes in the dishwasher anymore. Because of this it is time for you to get creative. You’ll have to wash dishes in the bathtub, the kitchen sink, or even outside using the water hose. However, make sure that you are cleaning the dishes in order to keep critters and bugs out of your home. Another option would be to skip the dishes all together. You can stock up on paper plates, napkins, forks, bowls, spoons and cups. This eliminates the needs to wash dishes and makes clean up a lot easier while your kitchen is out of order.

You can also use the grill, if the weather allows. Your grill can cook almost everything that your oven can. You can even use the remodel as an excuse to have a cook out. If you have a second fridge in the garage or pool house, you can stock it full of meals that you fix on the grill. You can cook a weeks’ worth of food and store it, heat it up in the microwave, then presto instant home cooked meals are in your future.


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