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Six simple tips to keep your property free from pests

Written by Posted On Sunday, 17 July 2016 05:57


 Everyone wants pest free home, and taking few basic steps can help you keep unwanted guests away. Here are six tips that can help you get rid of insects.

Do not keep veggies and fruits in open for a long time

Fruits and veggies can prove to be an open invitation to flies if you keep them in open for a long time. Such flies do not easily get out of the property, and eliminating them can also prove to be a real headache.

Kitchen needs to be clean at all times

After entering the house via drain line, window, or from the front yard, the first step that cockroaches take is trying to find food and water. If they find food, they would not only settle down in your house but may also call others to join the party.  It is advisable to put all the unnecessary food items in appropriate storage. Make sure that no food item remains on the kitchen table, kitchen counter or floor. It is advisable to clean everything inside the kitchen at least once every day.

Standing water can invite a lot of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes prefer spending time and starting their family in standing water. They can easily turn such water into breeding water within few hours. Water leaking from air conditioning units, rain spouts, or even water leaking out of supply pipes can create perfect spots for mosquitoes. In order to avoid this, you should check various corners of your property and get rid of standing water. 

To be on safer side, keep your property's yard, the garden area well maintained. Do not allow grass to overgrow. Do not let debris accumulate anywhere. Trim all the branches of trees and bushes whenever required.

If you think insects like cockroaches, ants, rats, silverfish, spiders, earwigs, pillbugs, etc. are multiplying rapidly at your property; you should immediately call professionals like Fallbook Pest Control.

Disposing meat related garbage appropriately is important

Pest control service providers suggest that people often keep meat scraps in garbage bins inside their house or outside, somewhere in the yard. Smell coming out from rotten meat easily attracts various types of pests if the garbage is not picked up within 24 to 48 hours. These unwanted guests arrive in search of rotten meat and settle in the yard. Same pests can easily manage to enter your house. Thus, it is advisable to not to accumulate such garbage for more than 12 hours in the yard or empty space outside your property.

Storing firewood properly

Believe it or not, firewood can prove to be the best transport for termites, from jungle to your house.  This is the reason, experts suggest people to keep firewood away from the house.  It should be stored somewhere in a dry area, preferably on metal racks, above ground level to make sure that insects do not make their house inside the wood.

Make sure that outdoor furniture remains clean

Outdoor furniture items like table, chairs, etc. should be cleaned from time to time. Make sure that such furniture items are polished to keep them waterproof and insect free. It is advisable to avoid bringing such materials inside the house because certain insects/pests may enter your house along with outdoor furniture items.





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