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These Eight Things May Be Smothering You In Your Sleep. How Toxic Are Your Bedroom Materials?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 21 July 2016 15:19

Most of us are afraid of things that go bump in the night. Usually, it is those things that we can’t see that we fear the most, as it should be. If you are resting comfortably at night, you may not if you knew what could be lurking all around you. There are materials that you may have in your bedroom which are slowly hurting your health. Suffocating you nightly, there may be a reason you are dragging and tired in the morning, and it may not be what you think. Materials that have been approved for interior environments may not have any business being close to you while you slumber. Did you know that the following things that may be lurking in your night haven, may be your biggest health enemy?

The Mattress

 A mattress is where you spend as much as half of your life, but do you know what materials are in it? Your mattress may be comfy, but it may not be the comfort that is lulling you to sleep. Many of the mattress products in the industry contain toxic chemicals that you breathe in nightly. The mattress is likely the most harmful thing in your bedroom. For safety purposes, it is doused in chemicals that are used to repel fire, but what they really contain are components that continue to break down and affect your health. Memory foam mattresses are the biggest offenders, so if you have one, make sure to invest in some heavy duty bedding to thwart the chemicals coming in contact with you while you sleep.


If you sleep with your phone at your bedside charging, you could be subjecting yourself to something called electromagnetic radiation. The electrical communication that the phone sends through the air in waves is anything but good for you. They have magnetic fields that have been shown to alter DNA and cause health issues from infertility to cancer. When you hit the bed at night, make sure to turn off the wifi and all your smart devices and rest well without any radiation bouncing around your head and body while you are trying to rejuvenate. That includes laptop computers, cordless baby monitors, and fluorescent lighting.


Do you know what is in the cosmetics you use? Although most of us make the assumption that the makeup we buy in the store has passed safety standards, most likely they have not. Cosmetics contain a plethora of toxic chemicals and material. Things such as deodorant, shampoo, perfume and aerosol hairsprays, are very toxic in nature. They not only contain chemicals that are harmful to you, but some also contain chemicals that have been linked to birth defects and hormonal changes. Many chemicals that have been banned in California continue to be used around the nation. You should do your research before choosing anything that you are going to put on your skin. If you put it on your skin, it is the same as ingesting it, so think twice about what products you use.


There is a reason that mothballs have such a caustic smell; they are caustic, but did you also know that they contain toxic chemicals? People use mothballs to keep their closet and drapery critter free, but what they may be doing is releasing harmful chemicals into your environment while they sleep. The active ingredient paradichlorobenzene, which is what makes a mothball a mothball is a known carcinogenic. Other chemicals that they may contain is naphthalene, which works by destroying your red blood cells and can cause you to feel sick to your stomach.

Air fresheners and cleaning products

Everyone wants their bedroom to smell pleasant when they lay their head to rest. If you are using an air freshener in your master bath close to the bedroom, beware. Spray air fresheners may contain chemicals called terpenes or ethylene-based glycol ether. Both of them are labeled as toxic to human beings. When you spray them into the air, they become airborne and are ingested into the lungs. If you use the type that sits dormant slowly breaking down, that is just as bad. Try using real herbs or flowers to freshen up your bedroom. You want your room to smell nice, not make you sick.

If you want to have a restful sleep, do away with all the unnecessary things that can have a disastrous effect on your health over time.




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