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Could Your Political Affiliation Determine How You Attempt Your Home Improvement? New Reports Says Yes

Written by Posted On Saturday, 23 July 2016 12:36

The Liberalist government has made a significant change in the life of many around Canada. Touching every part of our lives, what our political affiliation is, defines who we are, how we behave and apparently our home improvement projects. A new study is revealing how what you believe politically affects the way that you redo, update and remodel your home.

The release of a new study indicates that you can actually predict someone’s approach to their home improvement project simply by knowing whether they are more liberal or conservative. It isn’t just in the way that the do things; it is in the priorities they set and the money they spend.

For instance, a study done in Canada states that people doing kitchen renovations in Winnipegon average, liberals are willing to spend as much as 1.5 times the amount on things such as maintenance and repair as opposed to conservatives. In the reverse, Conservatives are more willing to throw themselves into a do-it-yourself project and attempt things on their own.

As many as six in ten conservatives, as compared to just four in ten liberals, are willing to give their project a try alone if the price is too high to hire someone. If it is too expensive to have someone else do the work, conservatives have no problem strapping on a tool belt and giving it a try.

There are other differences in the way that liberals differ from conservatives when it comes to home improvement, maintenance, and repairs. Liberals are willing to spend as much as twice the amount of money on home improvement as compared to conservatives for upgrades, maintenance, and repairs.

Not just about price, the planning phase is also considerably different. When it comes to researching a project, one in four liberals will spend more than six months while six in ten conservatives will take just three months to pull the gun. Perhaps the reasoning behind the differential is that liberals are much less optimistic about prospects for prosperity as opposed to conservatives who are more likely to have a rosy outlook for their economic future.

The groups that got the most accomplished regarding home improvement projects were Baby Boomers and Millennials. Completing as well as starting more projects than any other age group, it appears that being at the upper and lower ends of the age scale pushed for change.

Also, home improvement projects took precedence over other investments. Projects ranked above car purchases. home appliances, furniture, and jewelry. In recent years, homeowners are also becoming more focused on home improvement and maintenance projects around the house.

Many are throwing a considerable budget into home security systems and locksmith services. Likely, because they are more committed to staying in a neighborhood than to move, updating security has become an issue.

What is at the heart of home improvement changes across the board for both conservatives and liberals?

The shift in home improvement projects and maintenance is due to the recovery of the housing market. There was a 47 percent rise in the number of homeowners who were willing to put more than a thousand dollars into an improvement project in just the past 12 months.

That is because as the market continues to rise, fewer people can afford to move onto their next house. In addition, inventory has become scarce, and it is driving up the prices of homes around the country and beyond. That is forcing homeowners to work with what they have instead of trying to upgrade to a new house or a new locale.

The truth is that your home improvement preferences probably have nothing to do with your political affiliation, there is a third cause. The way that you see life and the priorities that you hold are likely what is driving the differences in home improvement and willingness to make do with what you have or to upgrade.

Whether you are a liberal or a conservative, doing things yourself is a good idea to save some money, but only if you think you have the skill set to complete it. The worst thing you can do is to attempt to start a project that you can’t complete, or get halfway in only to be at the mercy of a contractor to complete it. Apparently, being liberal or conservative applies not only to who you vote for but to what you do or don’t do with your home.




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