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Written by Posted On Sunday, 24 July 2016 20:54

Those of you that are new moms have heard time and time again the phrase “Sleep while your baby
sleeps”  but we as Moms know that nap times for our kids are one of the most productive ways for
us to get things done.  Today I will share 5 Ways to Clean When Your Baby Sleeps my children are
older now but these home cleaning tips helped me back in the day and I’m sure they will help you.


The first  trick to clean when you baby sleeps is not make a lot of noise so that your baby can remain
sleep while you clean. Some babies sleep right through the noise of course but you don’t wanna wake
then while you clean so don’t do any vacuuming this will surely wake them up. Below here are some
house cleaning chores you can do quietly so that you don’t wake them.



  1. Catch up on laundry. If you are a new mom or just a mom period there’s always a load of two
    of laundry to do while the baby sleeps .


2.  Wipe down the bathroom surfaces such as the counter tops, mirrors, toilets, and sweep
and mop the floors.


3.  De-clutter and organize rooms of the house where the baby is not sleeping.  Pick up
toys, clothes, organize magazines, bills, and put them where they belong.


4.  Pay bills online. Sit down and grab our favorite beverage and pay the household bills.


5.  Load the dishwasher. Put dishes in the dishwasher this takes little to no effort and if
it’s not too loud you can go ahead and turn it on.


Well I hope that you have enjoyed these tips on how ways to clean when your baby is sleeps.
If you are just too overwhelmed and need some help call our maid service to assist you will
keeping your home clean.  And as always Keep it Clean!!!





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